Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

I love multi-purpose palettes. One palette takes care of many needs. Especially when you are in a hurry or when you are travelling. When you are travelling you definitely do not need to be encumbered with hundreds of stuff. All you need is a few key items and multi-purpose products and palettes as this one, and you are all set. And what’s not to love when you have such a palette from Urban Decay. I am going to pen down my experience with Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette today.

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Product Description – Bronze. Glow. Blush. Get Naked and FLUSHED in no time with our hot (and highly coveted) threesome. Go ahead; get Naked and FLUSHED with our silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. These shades diffuse light as they enhance and perfect, giving your skin a fresh, glowy look—even when your late-night antics have you feeling otherwise.

Our micronized, jet-milled formula has a luxe, feather light texture that feels amazing on your skin. The shades are intensely pigmented, yet they blend beautifully. And the finish? Flawless.

Packaging – Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette comes in a sleek case with an easy-open magnetic closure and a big mirror. It is quite sleek and compact and easy to carry. It’s also quite sturdy with the magnetic closure, hence it’s quite travel friendly.  There is 14 grams of product, which is quite a good amount for the price.

The bronzer and blush are almost full sized. Overall love the smart and sleek packaging and the quantity.

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Shade – Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette comes in four different combos with ‘Naked’ being the original trio. ‘Native’, ‘Streak’ and ‘Strip were later added to the collection. As described in the website “Naked  contains medium-pink shades, Streak skews toward peachy/coral hues, Native is light pink-based, and Strip (the deepest of the four) has more of a mauve vibe”.

The bronzer in this palette is a warm toned bronzer and slightly orangey. You need to be careful not to overdo it as Indian skin tones do not go that well with orangey bronzers. It has tiny shimmers in it, but they are so tiny that they do not translate on the skin. Infact it shows up matte on the skin, a bit light for my skin tone but I can build it up and easily work with it.

The highlighter is quite shimmery and has a peachy-pink hued champagne highlighter . It is quite a gorgeous shade of highlighter.

The blush described as medium pink, is more of a muted dusty rose shade. Again the blush has tiny shimmer particles, but they do not translate on the skin, it looks matte only.

Texture & Finish : The texture of all the three products is finely milled and buttery. The bronzer and blush are more buttery than the highlighter though, that maybe because of the shimmer particles. Both the blush and the bronzer have very tiny shimmer particles in them, but they do not translate on the skin and give a matte finish on the skin. Both are easy to apply and blend on the skin.

The highlighter though is not as finely milled as the bronzer and blush, it is not chunky either. It has a frosted finish, which I am not a huge fan of. I do not like frosted finish highlighters as they tend to accentuate the pores and if you go overboard you will look like a frosty Christmas tree or a disco ball.

What I usually do is apply it under my blush. As in, I apply the highlighter with a light hand and then apply the blush on top. That way it looks less frosty and more glowy on me. The best part is you can use all the three products together and get a new shade of blush.

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Pigmentation & Staying Power – All the three products are highly pigmented. A gentle hand of application and one sweep is enough to show up on your skin. The bronzer being a bit light for my skin tone I use two layers of it, but with a very light hand, lest I look orangey. It blends quite easily into the skin owing to the buttery texture.

I use it for light contouring around my face and my nose and sometimes just as blush or bronzer to give a little warmth to my face. The blush is highly pigmented, one single sweep with a gentle hand and a buffing blush brush is enough, if layered it starts looking reddish pink and you will look like a circus clown. The highlighter as it is has a frosty finish, so I use a very light hand and small amount. Pigmentation wise they are quite good.

They also have a good staying power. All three products stay on, on my skin for nearly 8 hours, with the highlighter fading first and the rest fading gradually. The blush stays the longest. Overall, quite a decent staying time for all the products.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette  (Price 32$ for 14 gm)

Overall Thoughts

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette is a multi-purpose palette which is quite travel friendly. It is easy to carry and has a mirror inside for touch-ups on the go. The quantity of product is quite justified with price. One palette gives you three products – bronzer, blush and highlighter, can be used individually and it also gives you the added plus of using all the three shades together to create a new shade.

The texture is buttery and easy to blend, except that of the highlighter. Highly pigmented products with a long wear time. I carry this palette all the time when I am travelling and otherwise also. One palette I am done for multi-use without having to carry 10 things for the same purpose. Quite impressed by the palette, and highly recommend it, especially for Indian skin tones. 

Rating – 4.25/5


*Written By Lavanya