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Sephora Smoothing Primer 15 ml for Rs 850, Available at Sephora Sephora smoothing primerSephora Smoothing Primer comes in a small pump bottle which is made of translucent glass. A clear plastic cap guards the pump. Packaging is pretty sturdy and the small bottle makes it perfect for travelling.Sephora smoothing primer review

This is my first primer. I was debating in my mind over need of a primer for me, but then I realized that there are times when I need my foundation to stay in place for long hours and primer is really going to lock it in place. Sephora smoothing primerSephora Smoothing Primer is a clear gel formula which spreads easily and makes skin super smooth. They call it “a mattifying and smoothing primer to even out the skin while reducing shine”. It minimizes appearance of pores and holds on foundation for long hours. I have dry skin so can not really comment on how well it keeps skin matte or controls oil. As far as “even out” skin claim is concerned, fine lines peek through it !Sephora smoothing primer reviewsThe formula doesn’t feel heavy and hasn’t caused any irritation so far. A pea size amount is all what you need. Sephora base lissante smoothing primerSince this i my first primer, i really cannot tell if its good or excellent.. So far it has been working for me. I might edit this post later once I wear this during summers to check whether it keeps foundation from melting or sliding.

I found it overpriced for the quantity Rs 850 for 15 ml. Also availability is a big issue since its only available at Sephora Store Delhi.

For me it just does what I wanted. Keeps makeup in place and reduces appearance of fine lines and pores. As far as repurchasing is concerned I might not need another one anytime soon.

Are you using any primer? Do share your favorites in the comments below..


  • February 15, 2013


    my fav is Rimmel fix and perfect primer .. its has very velvety feeling and evens out the skin tone and makes foundation stay for long .. esp here in humid weather of Chennai

  • February 16, 2013


    WOW i might get that soon.. thanks