Makeup Tips & Tricks for Women Who Wear Glasses

Makeup and glasses can coexist altogether. You should just know the makeup tips and tricks to be able to create a beautiful look and your eyes will shine through your frames.

If you are a Barton Perreira glasses wearer, you should know that in some periods of time there are shadows on your eyes cast by your glasses. To make definite parts of your skin light is the best makeup tip you could do. Apply lighter foundation under your eyes and around your nose. This trick is quite simple but effective. If you would like to change your entire look use bronzer on your nose, forehead and cheekbones.

Makeup Tips & Tricks For Women who wear glasses

Remember to keep your eyebrows well-shaped and clean. Your eyebrow shape should match your glasses style and size. If your eyebrows are thin, choose big frames for your specs and vice versa thin-framed sunglasses are best suitable for full brows.

For your information, striking make up for your eyes is also possible when wearing glasses. For example, to create a cat eye makeup use a liner and opt for an eye shadow color which will match your frame color.

When we talk about Makeup Tips & Tricks for Women Who Wear Glasses a general rule of contrasts has it place. It works perfectly when you highlight either lips or eyes. Emphasizing both is a mistake because it will mean too much makeup on your face. Exaggeration has never been good. If you have dramatic eye shadow and dramatic glasses, downplay your lips by applying neutral shade color lipstick or a lip gloss.

So that your face does not look too pale with natural lips add some color to it using some blush along your cheekbones. Your cheeks will look natural if you use pink shade. A blush powder is the best option as it won’t mess your glasses.

It is a well-known fact that your eyeglasses make your eyes look bigger than they really are. If you want to hear a lot of compliments and achieve even a more noticeable look apply shimmer color on your lower eyelid. People’s attention will be drawn to you indisputably.

One of the most favorable kind of women’s makeup is smoky eyes. You do not need to forget about it when you start wearing specs. You should only be aware of one trick. Make the eye line twice and your eyes will be clearly seen from behind your frames. You will reach a stunning effect of your smoky eyes alongside with your glasses.

Put on a smudge along your upper and lower lids and you will be surprised at how staggering you look with your spectacles on.

If it seems to you that your glasses visually make your eyes smaller (it happens quite rarely), use black pencil liner around your eyes.

Glasses highlight not only your eyes but your cheekbones as well. Highlighter or light foundation around your cheekbones will make your face look thinner and your cheekbones more notable.

If you can’t afford an expensive pair of specs, search for cheap glasses online at without worrying that quality will leave much to be desired.

We hope that these makeup tutorials we have shared with you will inspire you to create tremendous looks every day.