Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise Review

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise (Rs 2200) available Online

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise Review Price Photos (2)

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise Review Price Photos

Eye care is perhaps the most important part of the skin care regime. Eyes show the first sign of aging and fatigue. The skin under the eyes is very delicate, tender and thinner than the other areas of the face. Naturally it gets damaged and bruised easily and the damages take ample time to fade. Sleepless nights or a crying jag or cold and fever; the eyes give it all away. So, it’s very important to take proper care of our eyes. I have subtle dark circles under my eyes and some fine lines. And without proper care my under eye area tends to get dry. I wanted an eye cream which is multipurpose to take care of all my needs. And Forest Essentials is definitely my favourite brand for skincare, so I decided to pick an eye cream which suited all my needs from this brand itself. So I picked up the Forest Essentials Intensive Eye cream with Anise.

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Product claims – This Eye Cream is an innovative formula specially designed for the delicate eye area. It reduces dark circles, diminishes puffiness, and firms and tones area around the eyes. Actives extracts of herbs like Papaya and Potato help deliver hydration and moisture to the delicate eye area. Anise and Chakshushya provide necessary moisture and help to smooth skin, reducing the appearance of dry, dehydrated lines.

Key Ingredients – Cold pressed Almond Kernel Oil, Olive Fruit oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Potato Starch, Papaya Fruit Extract, Anise Seed Extract, Vitamin E.

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Packaging – As all the Forest Essential products, it comes in a cute cardboard box. The actual product comes in a glass pot with the signature golden cap. Inside the pot there is a plastic lid which prevents the cream from spilling out. Neat and luxurious packaging. The glass and tub style packaging is a con, but I have travelled with it, without any mishaps. So I don’t mind that personally. They have a new packaging now; the only difference is the pot is a bit wider now.

Texture – Though it is a cream based product it is not very thick or greasy. It is a very thin cream which gets absorbed into the skin easily. A tiny amount of product is enough for both the eyes. The formula is non-greasy and non-sticky which is a big plus for me. The fragrance is very mild and unnoticeable unless you smell the pot. Such a tiny amount is needed per usage that one pot can last upto 6 months easily.

My Experience

I have been using Forest Essentials Intensive Eye cream with Anise for about a year now. I have tried many other eye creams before this one. None of them really worked for me. Either I wouldn’t see any results or some of them irritate my eyes horribly. That’s when I decided to pick up this eye cream even though it found it too pricy. After using it for two months the price seemed completely justified for me. The SA advised me to apply it both after bath in the morning and before sleeping in the night. Though I am regular at nights I must confess I sometimes forget to apply it during the day. But, I make it a point to apply it before applying makeup/concealer. My skin drinks up this product. Over the first two months it hydrated my under eye area, made it smoother, faded the lines and also reduced the pigmentation to a lot of extent.

Now after continuous usage of about a year I find that it has reduced the lines and dryness under my eyes to a large extent. The dark circles have also reduced, but that keeps changing according my lifestyle and diet. I do find that if I stop using this product for overt a week it does show in terms of dullness under my eyes. But it bounces back once I start using it again. I am on my second pot now. Overall it has made my eyes look healthier the skin around my eyes plumper and smoother. I wouldn’t change this eye cream until I find anything which gives me the same or infact better results.


Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a multi-purpose under cream which battles dryness, fine lines and dark circles, please go ahead and buy Forest Essentials Intensive Eye cream with Anise. It works on all accounts for me and one pot lasts me for six months. And find it a very good investment.

Rating – 4.5/5


*Written By Lavanya


  • March 29, 2016

    Sangeeta G

    This worked well on hydrating my eyes, but there was barely any difference in my dark circles.
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    • March 29, 2016


      It works rather slowly on dark circles… with my fine lines and hydrating part it showed results immediately. . But on my dark circles it took some time.. almost 4-5 months. . But with dark circles there are a lot of things to consider like sleeping pattern n diet n all. So, i was kinda ok with it. 🙂

  • March 30, 2016


    Looks like a great eye cream 🙂
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    • April 5, 2016


      It surely is 🙂

  • April 3, 2016


    I have dark circles and till now not a single product worked on me… this seems nice.. thanks for the review..

    • April 5, 2016


      Your welcome.. thanks for reading 🙂
      It works on dark circles, but slowly. It takes time. You need to be patoent for that.
      And with dark circles, it differs from one another.. coz many factors like genes, lifestyle, eating & sleeping habits attribute to its occurrence. . So the results also vary from person to person 🙂