EOTD Feat. Sleek i-divine Storm eyeshadow palette

I am not keeping well these days and that’s the only time I do not feel like doing an EOTD. I felt better today and decided to try out Sleek i-divine Storm eyeshadow palette. One look at the palette and “smokey look” instantly took shape in my mind.. Sleek-i-divine-Storm-Palette-swatches-1200x843

I started off with Applying MUA Eyeshadow Primer all over the lids

  1. Then Shade 1 on first half of the eyelids starting from the inner corner.
  2. Applied Shade 2 on the rest of the lid and blended both in middle.
  3. Applied Shade 3 to the outer V and blended it with Shade 2.
  4. Applied shade 4 onto the brow bone and blended any harsh line.

Lastly dabbed some shade 4 onto the middle of the eyelids with fingers.DSC07174DSC07175

Hope you all liked the look … I would have done a step-by-step pictorial but my daughter was hyper active and i was running behind her whole the time :/