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MUA Professional Eyes Primer –  £2.5, available at Professional eyes PrimerMUA eyes Primer review and swatches

What MUA says

If you’ve never used an Eye Primer before, now is the time to invest. Basically, it smoothes the eye lid ready for eye shadow to be applied. It also creates a base, helping the eye shadow last all night long – no more creases! You can sleep all day and party all night with the help of the Eye Primer from MUA, just pop it on the top of your eye lid, pat it in gently and apply your eye shadow directly on top of it. This product has the official seal of MUA Towers approval (ok, we might have just made that up) ‘cause every single one of us MUA girlies wear it every single day! And well, we need our makeup to last all day while we’re busy creating even more MUA…

MUA eye Primer review and swatchesMUA Professional Eyes Primer comes in a tube with an applicator. I love such packaging as it keeps the application neat and hygienic.

Texture of MUA Professional Eyes Primer is similar to NYX HD eyeshadow Base, however that feels silky and Mua one becomes matte upon application. MUA Professional eyes Primer swatchesThe primer is of beige color, and doesn’t disappear into the skin completely. It leaves a white layer (i don’t know what to call that) which helps in hiding eyelid discoloration to some extent and provides a smooth base.

I love how the powderiest of eyeshadows work really well with this beneath. It holds all the colors in place. Last time I had my eye makeup on for 9+ hours with minimal fading.MUA Professional eyes Primer review and swatchesMUA Professional eyes Primer review & swatchesI have tested and tried it with eyeshadows of various brands. Eyeshadows with average quality stays on for good 6+ hours before it starts fading, where better eyeshadows stays on for 9+ hours and then fades a bit.

My eye makeup did not crease whatsoever, maybe because my lids are not very oily. I am really amazed to see how good this product is for this price.

You will love it

  1. If looking for a budget primer which delivers desired results.
  2. If you are looking for a formula which can even out eyelid discoloration and provide a smooth base to work on.
  3. If you want your eye makeup to stay in place for long hours without creasing or fading.
  4. If you want to carry it for travelling. Tube packaging with applicator makes it an excellent choice to carry in the handbag.

You might not prefer it if

  1. You hate online shopping !

I have used MUA eye primer under this lookDSC06468

Overall Thoughts

An amazing drugstore product which delivers excellent results at such a price. It locks in eye makeup for 8+ hours with minimal fading, I did not see any creasing either. It evens out lids and provides clean base to work. The eyeshadows show its true color and I haven’t faced any issue while blending them. I would highly recommend MUA eyeshadow primer to all the beginners and pros. I would be buying a backup soon. The only downside I could see is availability, but since we all love shopping online this too doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Ratings : 4.7/5