Basicare Makeup Brushes Review – Angled Blusher, Powder Brush

Basicare Makeup Brushes available at Flipkart.comBasicare Brushes review (3)Basicare Brushes review (4)In search of affordable makeup brushes I came across Basicare Makeup Brushes. I have already reviewed Basicare Powder Brush and today I will be reviewing 2 more brushes from this brand.

Basicare Angled Blusher Brush (Rs 275). I have observed that Basicare brushes come in 2 different packagings. Basicare Angled Blusher Brush has a complete matte black plastic handle.Basicare Brushes review (1)As per Basicare “this brush is made of natural fibers. The bristles are crafted at a slight angle to get control while applying blush. It is easy for everyone to use.”

I have used Basicare Angled Blusher Brush couple of times. The bristles are slightly scratchy but brush does its job well. It picks up product well and blends it easily too. I have washed it couple of times and brush haven’t observed shedding or bleeding. Bristles stay in shape after drying up , also brush doesn’t take too long to dry up completely. Brush handle is pretty light weight. This wouldn’t be the best brush available in indian market but since we have either super cheap or super expensive range , Basicare Angled Blusher Brush is good to try. Don’t expect a super soft brush, but just enough to do its job well at this price.

Ratings : 3/5

Basicare Powder Brush (Rs 260) . This brush handle has white (metal) and black (matte plastic handle. Basicare Brushes review (2)This is by far the worst brush I have ever used. It sheds and sheds, whether you are using it or washing it or just running your fingers through the bristles. Bristles are soft but the way they keep on falling their softness is of no use. Also its not fluffy enough to work well as a powder brush, I would rather use Basicare Powder Brush as a blush brush. Its also possible that I have got faulty piece.

Ratings : 1/5

Overall Thoughts

You can either shell out money to get good quality brushes from The Body Shop, MAC , Inglot or Sigma or try to adjust with the average to poor quality of available affordable brands in India. I had a mixed experience with Basicare Makeup Brushes. 2 of them have been average to good and one was a complete fail. Beginners can give these brushes a try, they do their job well.