Weight Management & PCOS Treatment With VLCC DNA Wellness Program

India is well introduced to the brand VLCC which is popular globally for their services in slimming, beauty and wellness. At VLCC, they help their customers to maintain health and aid self-transformation. The kind of holistic wellness health approach guidance, treatments and services they offer are not just external, but it also includes internally. With the present life style in the young and dynamic generation of our country, weight management has always been an issue. Those extra pounds have been a trouble in all of us and no matter how much you try, it seems to be stubborn than you are.

Weight Management & PCOS Treatment With VLCC DNA Wellness Program

The figure of your weight which has been making your life harder with every passing day, the reasons could be many and unique. The kind of effort you are putting in may be inappropriate and resulting inversely. And so and so. If you have been putting enough effort to reduce your weight, yet noting seems to be changing, then you need proper guidance from experts. Find your nearest VLCC for Weight Management.

PCOS and Extra Weight 

The most common reason for being overweight these days is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly termed as PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance condition in a woman’s body. When either of Oestrogen or Progesterone is not produced properly during the monthly cycle, it leads to cyst in the ovaries, thus leading to unwanted physical symptoms.

This is mostly seen in urban women and is considered a lifestyle disorder. PCOS is not just the issue associated with weight and ovaries. It shows on your skin and sheds your hair too.

Finally, you need medical advice and experts treatments.

Why Choose VLCC for Weight Management

VLCC with doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, therapists in their panel work on the absolute science of weight management. Their weight loss programs are custom planned and designed based on the client’s needs.

They have range of programs and panels to identify what your body needs. No two persons can follow the same diet and exercise routines. The results can vastly vary as each person is unique with specific DNA. That is why VLCC offers genotype-appropriate diets and treatments based on the genetic analysis they carry out.

VLCC DNA Wellness Program

DNA Screening is the important step to identify the specific body needs of every individual. This screening test involves collecting saliva sample through cheek swab and tested for certain markers. The result shows the person’s genetic makeup based on which specific exercise regime, diet and appropriate panel are determined.

Under VLCC DNA Wellness Program, the DNA PCOS Panel focuses both on diet and activity/exercise regime to loose extra weight.

While weight loss and management takes priority at VLCC wellness Centre, their DNA Wellness Program has been designed taking into consideration all their clients who are suffering from diabetes, gastric distress, cholesterol, hypertension, heart issues, hypothyroidism, PCOS and arthritis.

Why not visit your nearest VLCC Wellness Centre and get the cheek swab done and get your health decoded.


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