Victoria’s Secret Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist, Hand & Body Lotion

Victoria’s Secret Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist, Hand & Body Lotion Victoria's Secret Tropical Nights Body Mist, Hand & Body Lotion Review (1)

Never thought I would be a Victoria’s Secret convert, but its not my fault. Ever since I have tried couple of Victoria’s Secret products I want to hoard more. Well lets move on to what I have to share with you all today. I picked Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist & Hand Body Lotion from the store when I was in Dubai.

I love fruity floral scents, they are perfect for summers. However there has to be a perfect balance otherwise it would get sickeningly sweet. I picked this fragrance purely because it smells so fresh and tropical, reminds me of summer breeze.

Victoria’s Secret Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist comes in a huge 250 ml bottle which will last you good 2 months even if used daily. I love how it lingers on for good 5-6 hours on me, that’s all I expect from a body mist. If you love light fruity fresh scents then give this one a try.Victoria's Secret Tropical Nights Body Mist, Hand & Body Lotion Review (2)

I loved the fragrance so much that I picked the Hand & Body cream from the same range. I am glad that I picked this , the formula is very moisturizing without being greasy or sticky. Cream sinks into the skin immediately and makes it supple smooth in no time. And of course the scent is refreshing. The tube is huge and will last you a long time.

Overall Thoughts

I can’t wait to try out other scents from Victoria’s Secrets Fragrance Mist range. Only downside is that there in no VS store in India where you could go and sniff the scents before buying it. I am going to restock the products I have tried in the past – Night & Bombshell, as I don’t want to end up with too sweet scents. 

Rating : 4.5/5


Have you tried any VS scents/ fragrance mists? If yes which one is your favorite?