“Tress it up” event hosted by Divo & Healthkart

Divo & Healthkart hosted “Tress it up” event on 17th March in Delhi. This event was all about easy-to-learn and easier-to-do styling tips. We covered various topics, to name a few:

  • Hairstyling for different occasions, be it a casual day look or a super glam look for a night about town
  • Finding suitable hair accessories that highlight long locks
  • Tools of the trade – brush, comb, paddle brush – what’s best for what style
  • Tips and tricks to deal with a bad hair day
  • Hairstyles that perfectly complements different face and body types
Goodies for us 😀

Entire event was anchored by Ruchika (Founder of Divo), Sonali (From Healthkart) & Bhavika (Marketing & PR from Divo). The best part is the whole event was more like a bloggers meet &greet and very fun… We laughed, cracked jokes, got to know each others… I met Sayoni (I know your name has been spelled wrong here) from Sweet &Bitter Blog & Pooja from Indian Beauty Central. Other bloggers were also present there Srish from Style fashion etc, Komal from Delhi Fashion Blog, Apurva from Kala palette …. Loved meeting everyone and knowing them personally …
Meet the bloggers….
Imran (Hair Consultant of Divo) explaining various Face types and which hairstyle would be most suitable accordingly.. Here he us explaining Ruchika’s face type…
Sonal after getting her hair done… With this poof (Retro style) She looked like actress from 60’s 🙂 Very pretty
Imran Teaching us how to “Scrunch” hair.. what products to be used..

For natural curly hair I jotted down few points:

  • To Remove frizz you can use L’Oreal Frizz control
  • To achieve curly look use L’Oreal Spiral Splendor
  • To go for more defined curls use L’Oreal Mousse

We also learnt how to blow dry “Salon Style” at home and that why one can avoid damaging hair while using “hot tools” by applying “Heat protectant” before.
While applying Hair Serum one should start from ends and then move upwards not the other way round.

Various brushes “Divo” offeres on Display
Using various hair accessories to enhance the look.. (In picture from left Bhavika, Sonal &Imran)
Loved the box …. and the goodies inside Of Course 😀
All in all it was one event every girl would have enjoyed.. I loved and enjoyed each moment.. Theme was to learn with fun … Thanks to Divo & Healthkart for organizing such a beautiful event…

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