Tips for Healthy Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair 
  1. Keep Your Scalp Clean – Clean your hair regularly … NOT DAILY. I shampoo my hair twice a week. You can shampoo thrice in case of Oily scalp.
  2. Oil Massage  – Make a habit of massaging your hair with your favorite hair Oil once (If you have oily hair) or twice (If you have dry or damaged hair) a week. I try to Oil my hair before each wash. Recommended hair oil will be Sesame or Sweet Almond Oil.
  3. Using Right Shampoo Conditioner –  Don’t use a shampoo just because a Celebrity has endorsed it, Go to the store, take your time knowing about the product, or simply Google to know what shampoo would suit your hair the most. Remember choosing right product to cleanse and condition your hair will play an important role.
  4. Using Hair Mask: Using a hair mask can give the much-needed nutrition to you hair. I love Biotique’s Musk root hair pack. Try using an ayurvedic product which will have less or no side effects. If you have dry hair you can use homemade curd as a hair mask, leave it for an hour and wash it of. It will bring luster and life back to your hair over a period of time.
  5. Get a trim – Move your lazy bum and get a trim in every 6-8 weeks. Getting rid of those split-ends will help in the growth of your hair. I go for a trim in every 6 weeks. Dont get 2 inch chop, instead ask for a 1/2 inch trim that’s it.
  6. Use Vinegar : Mix one tablespoon of vinegar  in 1/4 mug of water and pour it once you have cleansed your hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it with water. It will give your hair the shine you would die for. I have heard about using beer too, but haven’t used it personally.
  7. Use a Heat Protectant : While using hot tools (e.g. hair dryer, straighteners, curling rods) always use a heat-protectant. It will create a layer on your hair and prevent the damage caused by high-heat. You can check Heat protectant serum from L’Oreal, though it’s a bit pricy (Rs 575) but investing on a good product will keep you healthy and shiny for long.
  8. Eat Healthy: Eat green veggies, drink a glass of milk daily. Keep a check on junk food intake and avoid too much of processed or oily food.
  9. Protect : Try to cover your head when you go out in sun. Covering them will prevent them from pollution & UV rays. Use a cotton cloth (Stole) to cover your head during hot summers. Or carry an umbrella.

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