The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask Review

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask (Rs 1245 for 100 ml)The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask Review (1)The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask Review (2)The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask is supposed to be one of those products which fight the first signs of ageing. Essentially, the mask “revitalizes and refreshes, leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed” and that is the first thing that attracted me towards it. The second thing is that this has “organic babassu oil” which is supposed to smooth out the skin and clean it thoroughly.

Packaging: The packaging is done simply- a plain off-white colored tub with a print on it. Open it and you get a good quantity of the product. There is no spatula provided with it, so you would have to pick this up with your fingers, which makes it unhygienic in my books, at least packaging wise. However, the good news is, you can always pick some up with your favorite spatula and apply it on yourself.

Product: The product is a thick, off-white colored creamy pack which I suspect has clay in it. The instruction is simple – you have to pick some up and use it on your face after washing it, applying a thin layer of it on damp skin, avoiding the eyes and lip region. Once ten minutes are up, wash off. The pack is good value for money since only a bit of it is needed. Spread it out and let it get dry, about 10-15 minutes. It does not take much time to dry up. Once dry, wash it off.The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothening Mask Review (3)Results: Well, the first time I did this, I discovered that my skin looked cleaner and the open pores looked much tighter. I have been using this twice a week for the last 4 weeks, and my skin feels smooth, supple and quite refreshed. It does not remove tan or anything but it does do what it claims – make my skin look clean, young and fresh and quite hydrated, which is just what my oily skin needs. That makes me quite happy let me tell you, because with this one TBS has come up with a nice winner. Also, as I only need a very little bit for my face, I am quite happy to say that it will last me for months, even though I am using it twice a week.


  1. Needs very little
  2. Hydrating
  3. Cleans my skin
  4. Tightens pores


  1. Unhygienic packaging

Overall Thoughts

Over the last few weeks I have seen that breakouts have been minimal and my skin looks much better than before, so definitely would give the product two thumbs up. I just hope that TBS does not discontinue the product, as I will be repurchasing this.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Written By Poorna Banerjee


  • August 19, 2013

    Emma Brown

    Very easy to use and you only need 10 minutes waiting time before its ready to be washed off. Doesn’t leave to your face dry feeling.
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  • August 23, 2013

    Arshiya Taranum

    does dis product hav any age limit to be used for.. Like can it used by all age groups startin from 20s