The Body Shop Earth Day Event

The Body Shop completed their 1 year of Wood Positive commitment on 22nd April (which happens to be Earth Day too). To be a part of their celebration and enjoy some pampering sessions they invited beauty and fashion bloggers. It was a fun event since I got to meet up with few blogger friends there .. Unlike other events this time there was a dress code .. Green and white or green or white … hmm.. DSC08520We all wrote pledges on these cards.DSC08513MUAs doing makeups/ make overs. DSC08505I also got eye makeup done though that creased in 1/2 an hour.. SighDSC08501DSC08503DSC08504Green color was evident everywhere, even the refreshments were green in color that looked amazing ..DSC08493Meet the Master of Awkward Poses … I cannot smile while getting clicked, no matter how hard I try .. DSC08507Finally a good picture of us together … Bharti, Awungshi, Ritu , Me & Komal ..DSC08517I had to leave early and missed all the fun these girls had later :/ … I got a basket full of TBS goodies but before I could get a decent picture of it, my daughter pounded on it and tore it apart … Yeah she is an inquisitive soul .. That’s how she keeps messing with my makeup products too ..

All in all a wonderful event full of freshness, pampering and good time..