Thayers Alcohol Free Toner Unscented Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Review

We all know that CTM is a very important part of our skin care routine. Enough stress has been given to their importance. All the three parts of the CTM routine is extremely important and Toning creates balance between cleansing and moisturising. Toning helps in cleaning your skin deeply and strengthens & tightens your pores. It helps in removing all the residual dirt left by makeup and also removes the traces of the cleanser residue. It helps in the reduction of deal skin cells and dullness of skin. Using a natural toner also helps in maintaining the PH Balance of tour skin. I have heard the Thayers Alcohol Free Toner with Witch Hazel raved quite a lot in the international blogosphere over the years, but sadly not as much in the Indian Blogosphere.

Thayers Alcohol Free Toner Unscented Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Review

The reason may have been accessibility, but now it is quite easy to get your hands on it through or I have the tendency to sweat a lot, so I am always on the lookout for aloe Vera based, cooling skincare products, which help in keeping a check on that, especially during the extreme Delhi summers. Over regular use I have noticed that using this toner has not only given me the regular benefits of a toner, but also helped my skin cool and hence reduce the intensity of sweating. Now that I am planning to pick up the next bottle of this toner, I thought I could share my experience with it.


In 1847, Henry Thayer M.D., opened a laboratory on Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts to produce his newly developed line of herbal extracts for sale to the medical profession. Born in 1828, into one of Massachusetts’ founding families, he was trained in the medical arts of his day by his physician father. Originally named Henry Thayer and company. In 1875, the company published “Descriptive Catalogue of Fluid and Solid Extracts in Vacuo” listing over 800 of its products: herbal based, presented in the forms of tinctures, infusions, syrups, poultices and wines. Prominent among these products was a Fluid Extract of Witch Hazel, listed as a “Tonic, astringent, and sedative; useful in checking haemorrhages and excessive discharges.” In 1989, alcohol free versions of their Witch Hazel line offered as facial toners were introduced. Thayer’s began using Certified Organic Witch Hazel and Certified Organic Aloe Vera in 2012.


Before learning further about the product, it is necessary to know what witch hazel exactly is. Witch Hazel (hamamelis virginiana) is found in damp, open woods and along stream banks from Nova Scotia east to Minnesota and south to Georgia. It is a deciduous spreading shrub or small tree with a smooth grey/brown bark. Its astringent properties are extracted from its bark, leaves and twigs. The natural astringent tannins reduce inflammation and stem bleeding.


The company says:

‘You won’t smell it, but you’ll Surely Feel It.”

Thayers Alcohol Free Toner Unscented Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Formula has all the replenishing, revitalizing magic of our scented varieties, but are undetectable by the nose.

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Hypoallergenic

Product Description:

Made of extract from the Witch Hazel shrub (Hamamelis Virginiana) and a blend of other time-tested ingredients – THAYERS® Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Astringents and Alcohol-Free Toners are soothing, natural treatments that cleanse tone and soothe your skin. THAYERS® are the only Witch Hazel products made of non-distilled extract from the Witch Hazel shrub maintaining the highest levels of therapeutic tannins. These natural elixirs have been a fixture in medicine cabinets for generations. Once you use them, you’ll know why.


Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Certified Organic Filet Of Aloe Vera), Glycerine (Vegetable), Hamamelis Virginiana (made from Certified Organic Witch Hazel) Extract, Citric Acid, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract


Comes in huge plastic bottle with a stopper and a nozzle to dispense product. Very basic packaging. Travel friendly, but might be a hindrance to carry such a huge bottle. Can easily be transferred into a travel size container for the purpose.

My Experience:

To be completely honest I am sometimes quite lazy when it comes to toning. It seems like such a chore, especially during the night time skin care routine. But over the months after pushing myself to use the toner regularly I have had much better results, than to when I don’t. The Thayer’s Aloe Vera toner has water like consistency and it has no fragrance whatsoever.

I usually take a cotton pad and a few drops of the Thayers Alcohol Free Toner after cleansing and tone my skin with it, especially concentrating on my t-zone, pores and forehead area. For the days I feel extremely lazy I have transferred some of the product to a spray bottle and after cleansing I directly spray it on my face. It instantly freshens up my skin and cools it down. The toner leaves my skin hydrated and fresh and unlike many toners, it does not leave filmy layer on my skin, which I absolutely detest.

It helps my skin prep for the moisturiser and I find that when I apply moisturiser after applying this toner, it sinks and absorbs into my skin better and makes my skin feel very soft and fresh. Over regular use I have notice that my pores have tightened and also the dullness of my skin has reduced. It has also helped me in cooling my skin. Especially when I use it in the day time followed by my Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel, my skin feels hydrated and cool and sweats comparatively much less than otherwise. The fact that it has all natural ingredients in it is another plus for me.

I feel that it will work for all skin types, as it keeps the skin hydrated and supple without leaving an oily film behind, which might be a worry for oily skinned beauties. And the amount of product you get for the price is definitely another plus. I would definitely recommend for everyone to give it a try.

Thayers Alcohol Free Toner Unscented Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Formula (Price $10.95/594 for 355ml @iherb)


Overall Thoughts

Highly recommend everyone to try Thayers Alcohol Free Toner Unscented Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Formula. Especially people who love to go for paraben free and fragrance free, all natural products. Tested for allergies, so it is ideal for all skin types. I love this product and am going to pick up another bottle shortly.

Rating : 5/5


*Written By Lavanya

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