Tale of a lost Package – Sleek Makeup Haul!

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Title of this post is self explanatory. I ordered some products from Sleek Makeup on 20th Jan and was waiting eagerly. It was not the first time i was ordering something from them. It must be 4th or 5th time, I was seriously impressed with their fast delivery. All the orders made in past were delivered in a weeks time.

This time when the order didn’t reach me in 15 days, I wrote a mail to the helpdesk. I didn’t hear from them for another week and wrote once more. I heard from them only when I wrote on their facebook wall after waiting for another 3 days. They were pretty prompt then. Someone from their online marketing team got in touch and resent the order to me. Which reached me in 5 days !!

So I received my order today and one shadow from storm palette is broken. But that’s fine atleast everything else is safe and sound

What I orderedDSC07021

  1. i-divine Storm palette
  2. i-divine Sunset Palette
  3. Blush in Flushed & pomegranate.
  4. Lipstick Vamp
  5. Contouring Kit

You know you have to go that extra mile when brands do not respond to mails !!


17 thoughts on “Tale of a lost Package – Sleek Makeup Haul!

  1. Review the contour kit… Sooooonnnn.

    What were the shipping charges you did pay?

  2. Gosh! I have been having the same problem ATM! It’s already been 20 days!!! No response to my mails or tweets! This post was sooo apt for me.. Now I’m gonna write on their fb wall too lol.. Thanks xx