System Professional LuxeOil Treatment Experience

I love pampering my hair myself at home and also once in a month hair spa at salon. I really like how a nice hair spa can restore all the softness and health back to hair. The other day I got an invite to experience “System Professional LuxeOil Treatment” that entails Hair spa therapy using System Professional LuxeOil range. luxe-oil-largeMore about Keratin Restore Treatment using SP LuxeOil

SP LuxeOil is enriched with 3 luxurious oils – Argan oil: Known as “liquid gold” and famous for its nourishing cosmetic qualities, Almond oil: Known for its superior hydrating power & light-weight properties and Jojoba oil: Renowned for its cosmetic value and particularly suitable for fragile and dry ends. The liquid wax is produced in the seed of the Jojoba plant (a shrub native to Mexico).

The luxurious oil-infused LuxeOil Collection treatments provide deep-restoring and light-weight effect on your hair, protecting Keratin and transforming hair from inside out.


Indulge in luxurious oil-infused treatments which deliver a deep-restoring and light-weight effect on your hair, protecting hair keratin and transforming hair from inside out. For the ultimate pampering experience, this 60 minute indulgence offers therapeutic massage and steam, in addition to the oil-infused deep-restoring treatment.

My Experience

Treatment started with washing my hair using Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo. I really liked how the attendent knew each and every detail of the product/ range and was checking regularly throughout the service whether I am comfortable or not.

After washing he applied a mixture of System Professional LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask and System Professional LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir  on my towel dried hair. He parted my hair in small sections and applied even layer of mixture on whole length except roots.

One the mixture was applied he steamed my hair for good 15 minutes so that the hair mask could penetrate deeply and restore the keratin that it has lost. I waited for 10 more minutes once the steaming was done and then he thoroughly rinsed my hair with lukewarm water.

Results were instant, I could see how frizz free and smooth my hair looked. I asked him not to blow dry my hair else it could have defeated the whole purpose of Keratin restoration process.

I couldn’t take an after picture of my hair as I had to rush to the market. My hair still feel smooth even when I have washed them once. In case of Frizzy/ damaged, color treated or aging hair, one is advised to get System Professional LuxeOil Treatment done every 25 days.

System Professional LuxeOil Treatment starts from Rs 1500 for shoulder length and price(increases) depends on the length of hair. Its a 60 minute long procedure/ treatment.

System Professional LuxeOil Elixir retails at 1900 Rs and can be purchased from Affinity Salon. System Professional LuxeOil Treatment is available in these Locations only-

1.       Affinity- G.K 1 (South Delhi)

2.       Affinity- Chattarpur (South Delhi)

3.       Affinity- Noida (Noida)

4.      Affinity- Global Foyer (Global Foyer)

I was quite intrigued with the leave in spray conditioner (Rs 950) and would love to buy when I visit the salon next time.



*Complimentary services provided by the brand