Sleek Makeup Flamingo Blush Review Swatches Photos

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Sleek Makeup Flamingo Blush (5.99 $ for 8gm) available at Sleek MakeupSleek Makeup Flamingo blush review swatches (4)Sleek Makeup Flamingo blush review swatches (3)Shade - True to its name, Flamingo is a gorgeous candy pink shade. It is very bright and leans more towards cooler side. However, this is such a shade that will suit all skin tones without looking streaky or ashy. When used lightly, imparts flushes look to cheeks and slighter more pigmentation results into ‘doll like’ cheeks.

Packaging – Sleek powder blushes are encased in a small rectangular sleek matte black packaging.The packaging is small and easy to travel with but it isn’t travel friendly and prone to breakage.My blush broke when it fell from a little height only. Also, the shade name is provided at the back and no indication is provided to look out for a particular shade in case you have more than one making them a bit inconvenient to store in vanity. A mirror is placed at one side of the blush packaging which is really helpful in emergenciesSleek Makeup Flamingo blush review swatches (5)Texture & Formula - The texture of the blush is smooth and non-gritty. It blends easily into the skin .The formula is great and did not irritate or break out on me. It doesn’t clog pores but it can accentuate if used over big pores.

It has semi-matte; satin finish so doesn’t look absolutely matte or flat against skin. Only a subtle sheen, no frost finish or shimmer.

Pigmentation – The blush is highly pigmented to the point that one can easily go overboard. I always pat my brush after swiping it on the pan and then apply.Sleek Makeup Flamingo blush review swatches (1)Staying power - It stays for about 6-7 hours on me without fading. Even after that, I can see slight pinkness on cheeks which goes away when I remove my makeup.Sleek Makeup Flamingo blush review swatches (2)

Overall Thoughts

Sleek cosmetics are known for their quality products at reasonable prices although with shipping, they cost relatively pricey. I am a big fan of their range of blushes and this is one of the must have shades. The texture is smooth and the finish is satiny.

The packaging can be improved a bit as it is prone to breakage.

Flamingo is a stunning candy pink shade for having doll cheeks. It is highly pigmented and it will suit all skin tones ad stays for a decent amount of time. I highly recommend trying this shade.


Written By Ritika Narang


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