How To Remove Facial Hair At Home Ft Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Gone are the days when women had to rely on threading, waiting in parlors and those dreadful razors on their face to get rid of the unwanted facial hair. Veet introduced a well compact all in one trimmer to solve all your hair removing issues. Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer has been designed by keeping the sensitive areas in mind such as the underarms, face and bikini line. Let’s see how you can remove facial hair and achieve well shaped eyebrows.

How To Remove Facial Hair At Home Ft Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Veet sensitive touch trimmer comes with a main device which works with a battery along with several attachments headers designed for removing the hair from different sensitive parts f your body.

This trimming kit includes one precision head, one bikini head, two combs with attached blades inside, one beauty cap, one cleaning brush, a pouch and battery.

  • To remove facial hair or extra hair from your face, around your eyebrows, side burns, upper lips and jaw line. One simple trimmer will do the job.
  • Since the veet trimmer comes with different heads it becomes easy to pick the appropriate head to remove the hair from specific area of you face.
  • To begin with if you wish to get rid of the access unwanted hair from the jaw line, upper lips and forehead pick the tiniest head attachment which has very tiny blades. This particular head is designed to give a clean shaving experience to the soft and fine hair around you face.

How To Remove Facial Hair At Home Ft Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

  • Use the trimmer gently working in small and short strokes against the direction of hair growth. This trimmer ensures the super gentle, smooth and quick hair removing experience without any tug or pull. You won’t feel any pain or any kind of friction while using this product. It’s ideal for touch ups as well.
  • Women feel the perpetual pain, teary eyes,  pulling and pressure around the eyes every time they put themselves under the threading method for getting  their eyebrows done perfectly and in best of their shape. But why to undergo such traumas when veet sensitive touch is available? Now you can get those perfect shaped eye brows and side burn in the most comfy and easiest ways without crying your eyes out.
  • You can easily work with veet sensitive touch since it’s meant exclusively for the purpose of removing the hair from the most sensitive and delicate area of the body hence it’s gentle to your skin which gives high precision and quick performance. Smaller head has even a tiny blade that works perfect for unibrow, getting rid of hair between eye brows.

Dermatologists always emphasize to make a use of the most hygienic product around your delicate face and sensitive areas as they are more prone to any kind of side effects and allergies. Hence this product sets the benchmark in terms of hygiene as this product comes with its own cleaning brush and a pouch to keep the product away from any dust its water rinse able which is why it’s highly unlikely that it would catch any bacteria. So what are you waiting for go and grab one for yourself and remove facial hair with utmost ease.



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