Quick Comparison – 5 Red Lip Liners

There was a phase when I hoarded lots of red lipsticks and liners. I was looking at my makeup stash the other day that I have 5 red lip liners, decided to do a quick comparison so that you girls can decide what to chose.Red lip liners (2)I have

  1. MAC Cherry
  2. Colorbar Clear Red
  3. Bhcosmetics Retro
  4. Faces True Red
  5. Nyx Cabret

Red lip liners (3)Colorbar Clear Red is a dupe for MAC Cherry, they look almost identical. Color and texture feels almost the same though Colorbar Clear Red is for Rs 550 and slightly deeper than MAC Cherry which costs around Rs 990. Due to slightly dry formula both of them work very well as a lip liner and base.

Faces True Red Lip Liner was more of an impulse buy. Formula is buttery smooth and feels comfortable but I like slightly drier formula when it comes to lip liners so that they can prevent lipsticks from moving out of the lip lines and can hold the formula for longer time (if used as a base). It costs around Rs 300 and is bit deeper in color.

Bhcosmetics Retro is by far the most long staying lip liner. It works very well as a base. Formula is smooth, waterproof and not overly drying. It costs $ 3.95. Only downside is availability otherwise this product is a winner.

NYX Cabret Long Lip Pencil is a brown red shade that would go well with deep red lipsticks. NYX Lip Liners are available at most online shopping sites and are quite affordable (around Rs 250).

I like MAC Cherry, Colorbar Clear Red & Bhcosmetics Retro the most due to their formulas and staying power. If you are looking at a lip liner that can go with most of the red lipsticks go for Colorbar Clear Red.