How to Prepare Cherry Lip Scrub at home

Homemade Cherry Lip Scrub

Dry and chapped lips seem to be a never ending problem. Lips need great care. If neglected, the skin on the dry lips tends to tear or slit at the delicate positions.  Top layer on the skin will obviously look flaky.

A mild scrub is a must in the lip care routine. Choosing a scrub has to be made very carefully so as to not to trouble the chapped dry lips further.

Here is a must try homemade Cherry Lip Scrub for dry lips. This scrub not only exfoliates, but also moisturizes the dry lips.HOmemade lip scrub (2)Ingredients:

  • 3 to 4 cherries.
  • 1 spoon Semolina
  • Skimmed milk cream

Cherry is one of the famous ingredients included in most lip therapy products. So, if you happen to store cherry in your refrigerator, then you can easily prepare your own lip scrub.

Semolina is a semi scrub particle. When dry, it is a tough scrubbing agent. But when wet, it loses all its harshness and becomes one of the lightest scrubbing agents. SO, wet semolina is just right for scrubbing dry lips.HOmemade lip scrub (3)Milk cream provides the much needed moisturizing to the lips. So, this acts as a perfect lip treatment product.HOmemade lip scrub (5)Procedure:

  • Cut the cherries into small pieces.
  • On a clean rough surface, crush the cherry pieces.
  • Squeeze the crushed cherries for its juice. Add this to the semolina.
  • Also add some finely crushed cherry pulp.
  • To this add some milk cream for moisturizing.
  • Mix all the three well and use it to exfoliate the dry lips.

HOmemade lip scrub (1)


Do try this “Cherry Lip Scrub” out and see if it works for you too 🙂

Written By Chand