How To Prepare Avocado Massage Cream

Prepare Avocado Massage Cream at home

Avocados are Mother Nature’s gift to human kind. Avocado has healthy fats along with nutrients and vitamins that are very useful for a glowing skin. The benefits are on the human skin are remarkable. They are best when consumed in the diet and also when used superficially on the skin.AvocadoAvocado is the widely known and used product in wrinkle treatment. The antioxidants help in detoxifying and removing the body toxins and prevent premature ageing.Massage cream stored in the cover of avocadoThere are numerous products made from this wonder natural gift, Avocado. Today, our aim is to prepare a massage cream from the naturally scooped avocado pulp. Yes, another Do-It-Yourself skin care product; Avocado Massage Cream. This will be a saviour for the forth coming winter.


  1. Avocado – A small piece/ half
  2. Fresh Thick Yogurt – 1 spoon
  3. Olive Oil – 4 drops

Procedure:Smashed Avocado– Scoop out avocado from its outer cover. And use as much as required. It is easily smashed with a little pressure. So, on a clean plate, smash avocado until it turns into a soft creamy pulp.Add yougurt to smashed avocado– To this smashed avocado add one spoon of thick yogurt. And mix well.Add olive oil to smashed avocado and yogurt– To the mixed mixture, add few drops of almond oil. And again mix well.Avocado Massage cream ready for use– Avocado Massage Cream is ready to be enjoyed.

Olive oil and yogurt provides additional help in the massage cream formula. This mixture of avocado, yogurt and olive oil is a rich massage cream that provides heavy moisturizing to the skin. Enjoy the massaging and pamper your skin until it is baby soft.

Do try this simple recipe of Avocado Massage Cream –

*Written By Chand