POTD and trying my hands of new eyeshadow palette

Hello !!!!Yesterday was my current organisation’s 4th anniversary. So we all were supposed to dressed up in Tshirt & Jeans. We all gathered and celebrated the day @our office and then went for lunch together and post that went to an NGO @delhi to spend some time with underprivileged children…then on the way back home spotted Jawed Habib’s salon with “Get cool haircuts in Rs 99 only” banner hanging. I am trying to grow my hair a bit and therefore didn’t go for a cut for almost 2 months, thought of getting them trimmed.  That’s how I looked my hair have layers…. here I am wearing T Shirt (with company logo), Pepe jeans, Belt (from Big C) & i was wearing boots but removed them before clicking this pic (Due to some unknown reasons LOLz)

after coming back was too tired to even write something so uploading it today 🙂 … today I also gave a shot to my new eyeshadow palette… and here are the results of my experiments LOLz… These 2 are with Flash and rest are without flash. You can see the shimmer but its not OTT…which i liked the most.. I didnt fill my eyebrow so please excuse …

So far happy with the color payoff…. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for me to help in improvising a bit 🙂 ….

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