Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel – Energy & Joyous Review

Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel (Rs 160 for 250 ml)  Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel - Energy & Joyous Review (2)

Bring spa-like indulgence at home this season with the new Palmolive Ayurituel shower gel. Ayurituel derives its moniker from its inspiration which is rooted in the world of ancient Indian well-being and rituals. Enriched with the benefits of ancient Ayurveda, the sophisticated shower gel is available in two refreshing variants. 

Palmolive Ayurituel Energy combines the unique qualities of Indian Sandalwood and Ginger extracts to give smooth and nourished skin. While Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous helps indulge in a pampering session at home with the benefits of Indian Mulberry and Lotus Flower extracts to soothe the skin. Read more HERE

Palmolive Shower gels have always been my favorite when it comes to bath & body products. Good quality at affordable price. Brand has recently revamped packaging and launched 2 new variants – Energy & Joyous.

Packaging is simple clear plastic bottle with flip top cap. Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel - Energy & Joyous Review (1)Both the variants of Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel are quite thick and foam up really well. Difference is in the fragrance . My favorite is Energy because it has that spiced up ginger scent. Because of Ginger & Sandalwood as prominent ingredients. It feels refreshing and revitalizing. Joyous has a Mulberry & Lotus flower extracts however it has a sweet floral fragrance, which I am sure most of you would like.

You don’t need too much gel, Palmolive Ayuritel Shower gel lathers up really well. I have dry skin and formula doesn’t make it flaky or rough. Shower gel washes off pretty quickly without leaving any slippery feel behind.

Fragrance doesn’t linger on for a long time and fades away in half an hour.

Overall Thoughts

I have really liked Palmolive Ayuritel Shower Gel’s formula and how well it foams up. It doesn’t make my skin dry or rough. For me Palmolive Ayuritel Energy variant worked well because of its fragrance. I will definitely repurchase these.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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