Oriflame Marcel Palette Review Swatches Photos

Oriflame Marcel palette (Rs 2000) can be purchased through Oriflame representatives.Oriflame Marcel palette  (2)Oriflame Marcel palette  (4)The oriflame Marcel palette is a palette which offers lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush in one with applicators. If you love neutral makeup palette, this is a recommended palette.

Packaging – The Oriflame Marcel Palette comes in a sturdy gold black packaging. The palette comes with a mirror and is quite bulky because of the mirror. The blush is placed in the center and the eyeshadows and the lipsticks at the sides. A lip brush, a small blush brush and a sponge applicator comes with the palette. These applicators are not real help to me as I always prefer brushes. Oriflame Marcel palette  (3)Shade – The lipsticks comes in four shades very similar to each other. Two mauvy pink shades which are glossy and two bronzy shades with shimmer. The lipsticks are well pigmented. The shimmer shades have stickiness and I am not impressed with it.

There are 6 eyeshadows in Oriflame Marcel Palette, a peach, a champagne gold, bronze, taupe, grey and a black. All the eyeshadows have satiny finish except the grey and black, they are matte in finish. The blush is a pretty coral pink with fine silver shimmer.

It is a good mix of colors as well as finishes and one can create many looks with this single palette.

Texture & Formula – The texture of the eye shadows is soft and smooth. All the eyeshadows are well pigmented. They are decent and blend well. I was really impressed that there was absolutely no fall out issues with any of the shades. The blush is below average and is little powdery. The lipsticks are quite heavy and sticky on lips not happy with them.Oriflame Marcel palette  (5)Oriflame Marcel palette  (6)Staying Power – I have normal lids and I have nothing to worry about, I can wear it without a primer and the eyeshadows stay for a good 4 hours without creasing. If you have oily lids, you need to use a primer otherwise they will crease soon. A good primer can extend the wear time of the eyeshadows more. The lipsticks stay for about 3 hours and the blush stays only for about 2 and half hours and starts fading.Oriflame Marcel palette  (1)Oriflame Marcel palette  (7)

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am fine with 2000 for 6 good eyeshadows but the lipsticks and the blush are below average. If you like a neutral palette then you can give this a try when there are offers on this palette. Otherwise, it is up to you to decide to buy it for 6 good eyeshadows or drop it for the below average lipsticks and blush.

Ratings – 3.5/5

*Written By Pavai