Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub Review

Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub (Rs 240 for 100 ml) available at
Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub Review
I have planned to write about one “Oouch product of the month” now onwards. There are couple of products which we adore and couple of them we hate .. I have found out mine for this month. I have never been an impulse buyer and always purchase a product after due research and homework. One day while shopping online I found about this line “Living Proof” 
I purchased Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub from
Living Proof features bio-active Phyto Placenta™, the next generation skincare and they believe in Cell Care Before Skincare as Healthy glowing skin comes from healthy growing cells.
So after reading all that impressive stuff I went ahead and bought Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub. When I used it for the first time I found out that Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub is not like other regular scrubs (neither gel nor cream), had micro beads and when you rub it in circular motion it will come off in lumps … the way homemade “Ubtan” used to come off  … I liked the idea and washed my face with water and pat it dry. After 2 mins my skin became itchy and I could clearly see red bumps all over my cheeks … WOW only bleach has ever caused me that… Below is the pic of that allergy it caused
I tried Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub 3 times and everytime it caused me this.. You all will wonder why the hell I kept on trying the same product when it was causing so much agony..Please let explain- First time I used Olay Moisturizer post scrub and put entire blame on the cream. Second time I used TBS Vitamin E cream and tried to figure out what went wrong but today I gave up. I didn’t apply anything after it and found out the actual culprit … You see I am such a fighter (Or idiot ?)
And they call it “Hypoallergenic Range” ????
*Sigh* I have surrendered and will never use it again …


  • February 12, 2012


    OMG! That looks really bad.You're fine now? Use that scrub on te feet and finish it off!

  • February 13, 2012


    ohh my God!!! girl pls be careful.. did u see a derm? good that u posted this info.. i will stay away from this brand!

  • February 13, 2012

    Shalini Dhillon

    Hey emm & Rekha thanks for ur concern my skin is recovering gradually. I no longer use it 🙁

  • May 14, 2012


    Thanks you soo much for posting your experience. I was doing a research on this item deciding whether to buy it or not. I have super-sensitive skin and ususally use Fabindia products. Guess I'll stick with it. Thanks again for letting us know.

  • January 1, 2013

    Anu walia

    omg..thats for letting us all know..