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I loooooove online shopping though I have to struggle a lot while selecting right shade as half of the sites have shady swatches… there are couple of makeup brands I haven’t tried and being a beauty enthusiast, want to try them. One of them is Inglot. I read couple of bloggers buying Inglot stuffs from Shop At Major Brands, so I decided to go ahead and place my first Inglot order..Home page of Shop At Major Brands

Brands Available

I have made purchase only from Inglot so far but would love to check out Mango & Aldo ..

The Good

  • You can take your time, browse, research and select what you want to buy without a SA hanging on your shoulder
  • Buying products from Freedom system without any obligation of purchasing empty palette.
  • They have both pre-payment and Cash on delivery option. I opted for COD. They provide free shipping on orders above Rs 1000.
  • Once you place the order you will be kept informed through the entire process of order confirmation & Dispatch. You will be provided with a POD number so that you can easily track your order.. I loved it.
  • I received my order in a week including weekend.

The Bad

  • Swatches are misleading/ confusing or can say look all the more same.You can either research on the shades you wanna buy, note its number and then place order or visit inglot store look into the product note down the number, come back and place the order. Later option can be a little cumbersome but will insure that shade will be most suitable to your choice.
  • Not all the shades available online.

Overall Thoughts
While shopping online what all I expect is a good customer service and fast delivery. Shop At Major Brands has ensured both. I loved buying from it and keep on going back as they have lots of sales and discounts running time to time.

Here is a glimpse of what I bought

My Ratings : 4/5

P.S. I have not been paid to review this site, these are solely my opinions.

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