NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream Review

NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream (US $6) available from Cherryculture.com Nyx Xtreme Shine Lip Cream Buttery Nude Review and Swatches (2)Nyx is one of the strongest drugstore brands with an amazing portfolio of products. I have been trying a lot of them recently and most have delivered.

Packaging – NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream comes in a tube similar to the Soft Matte lip creams.  The only difference is the black cap is not matte.  The colour of the tube is the same as the product inside.  Most of the Nyx lip glosses have the shade name and number sticker on the base of the tube, not this one however.  The shade name is mentioned on the side of the tube with the ingredient list.

ShadeNYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream is a gorgeous nude gloss.  On my hand swatch it appears a dull old rose shade, however on the lips it goes on like a nude with a more brown base.  The colour is opaque in one swipe.  I really like how this one looks on me, considering I don’t fancy nude lip colours.  It clearly does not wash out your face like some nude colours can.  There is a glossy look on the lips, expected from something with the words Xtreme shine in the product name.  The shine does wear off in about an hour though.

Pigmentation – NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream is fairly pigmented and covers the natural colour of the lips in one swipe.  A second swipe adds intensity to the look.  I like to add two coats as it makes the colour look more finished.

Texture and Formula – NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream looks and feels very creamy on the lips.  It goes on with relative ease and the effect is that of a higher end lip cream.  I do find that there is some amount of settling in fine lines though.  The shine is nice but I get a similar shine from other glosses as well, in fact the Sally Hansen lip inflation gives a more juicy look resulting in a better shine.   The gloss does not dry out my lips but I don’t find it particularly moisturizing either.  The cream shine is just a finish and does not actually hydrate your lips like a higher end gloss would.NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream review swatches photosStaying Power – NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream stays on me for about 2 to 3 hours, disappearing completely if I have a cup of tea in between.  I guess, some of this has to do with the colour, and a deeper shade may last longer.  I do like it however as it is a very easy to wear colour.

Overall Thoughts

If you don’t mind re-applying a few times in the day, NYX Buttery Nude Xtreme Shine Lip Cream is a very well done nude.  Pretty much a  staple in my wardrobe.  I love the feel of it on my lips and the glossy finish.

Rating 3.5/5

*Written By Dela


  • May 19, 2014

    Manasi Nanwani

    Pretty shade! loved your lip swatch!
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    • May 19, 2014


      Thanks, i love it too. It’s a nice change from the normal reds that I wear