Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment Review

We all want luscious, thick hair , but thats one challenging task. I have naturally thick wavy hair, they are dry in texture though. With the change in season/ weather I do face hair fall that makes me wonder what if i start loosing hair at an alarming rate and get bald patches. Well I know thats a nightmare but lets face it, we all have areas where hair is thin and scalp is bit visible. For me that area is sides of my forehead (don’t know what that area is called). However it was always like that, I have thick hair all over my head with a large forehead (which i detested during my teen years). Some time ago I was facing certain health issues and as a result started seeing a lot of hair fall and thinning of hair strands. That time Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment came into my life.Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment Review

Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment – NIOXIN brings its newest product to make your hair thinning worries vanish .It makes the hair manageable and full without making it greasy or sticky. DiaBoost™ contains a powerful new HTX™ technology which was developed by P&G Beauty Scientists from around the world who combined a `skin care inspired approach for hair’ with advanced research findings .It provides visibly thicker-looking hair after just one use. The daily leave-in treatment which has been scientifically designed and tested to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand for beautiful, thicker-looking hair.

HTX™ is an advanced complex with a combination of Caffeine, Panthenol and Niacinamide.  A well-known ingredient, Caffeine is recognized for improving skin hydration, which in certain products results in a thicker, healthier stratum corneum or outermost layer of the skin.  Like Caffeine, Panthenol is also known to improve skin hydration and its ability to penetrate right to the cortex of hair has been well-documented in scientific literature which in certain products results in multiple benefits including strengthening and moisturization.  Lastly, Niacinamide has been primarily used in skin care to improve moisture barrier function, skin texture and skin tone. NIOXIN is using these three ingredients to help provide the increase in hair diameter which makes DiaBoost™ with HTX™ so unique.  

Well visibly thicker hair after just one use was quite a bold claim. I thought of giving it a try immediately because my hair were thinning and lacked volume. The pump bottle is easy to use and dispenses small amount of serum. The serum has a minty smell and feels cool on the scalp.

As per the directions I took some of it and applied using fingers. I didn’t notice any immediate thickness though. In my opinion such products need time but since this one is extremely expensive (Rs 4125 for 100 ml) I wanted it to work immediately like a magic.

I used it for good one month, daily , once and did’t see much difference. Then I started using it on every other day and continued the usage for good 3 months, This bottle did last me 4-5 months, but i couldn’t see any revolutionary changes in my hairline or thinning issues. Finally I recovered from that illness and my hair went back to normal and now they are quite thick & healthy.


Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment is priced at Rs Rs 4125 for 100 ml available Here


Overall Thoughts

Well I didn’t see it doing much in my case. I used Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment regularly and then limited the use to thrice a week but it didn’t do much for the balding or thinning areas .


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