New! Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash

Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash A multi-action solution for ten oil and pimple problems

~ Overcome pimples to achieve fresh, clear and fairer skin that you always desired~Pond's pimple-clear white face wash

Skincare expert Pond’s, introduces the new Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash, formulated with a powerful combination of oil absorbing herbal clay, pimple fighting salicylic formula, gentle beads and skin brightening essence that fights the 10 most common oil and pimple problems which we encounter every day.

Everyday dirt, oil and pollution settle on the skin surface, leaving dirt and oil trapped if left unattended leading to the breakout of pimples. These unhealthy ‘deposits’ are also the main cause of clogged pores and blackheads.image007

Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash with multi-action formula fights 10 oil and pimple problems to give you fresh, clear and fairer skin.It includes a powerful combination of ingredients like herbal clay, pimple fighting salicylic formula with gentle beads and brightening essence.

Oil absorbing Herbal clay Removes excess oil from the pores and helps clear pimples
Pimple fighting salicylic formula Washes away 99% of pimple causing germs and reduces blackheads, whiteheads and redness
Gentle beads Smoothens roughness, cleanses away dead skin cells and tightens pores to reduce blemishes and dullness
Brightening Essence Infuses brightening essence to reduce dullness and make your skin fairer

Some people are born with perfect skin. Most of us, however, are not. Millions of youngsters in the world suffer from oily skin. Oily skin leads to many different problems like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and open pores, irritated and rough skin. Moreover pimples leave marks/blemishes behind!All this makes your face look dull and unattractive. As a teenager, you have to deal with not one, but 10 oil and pimple related problems and all this takes a toll on your confidence!

Being young is all about living life to the fullest every day and being careless and free. The new Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash fights 10 oil and pimple problems to give you fresh, clear and fair skin that you always desired.

Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash is now available in all leading stores across the country.Available at for Rs.135 for 100 gms, Rs.75 for 50 gms and Rs.30 for 20 gms.

About Pond’s:

Pond’s is a global face care expert that has a presence in over 50 countries including Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan) and USA – making it a skin care brand to reckon with. The brand boasts of state-of-the-art R&D facilities led from Ponds Institutes at New York, Tokyo and Madrid, helping it create international beauty solutions for the discerning woman. The Pond’s philosophy is based on the application of leading-edge technology to face care, and giving customised solutions for different skin care needs. By combining this with an intimate understanding of the woman’s skin care needs and requirements, Pond’s delivers results women can see and feel.

About Hindustan Unilever Limited:

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  • July 26, 2013

    Emma Brown

    I am going to try this. I am facing acne again suddenly. Hope this works.
    Emma Brown recently posted…Self Care, Is Best Care During Holiday Season

    • July 27, 2013


      Sure, I am also quite intrigued with the active ingredients this product has

  • July 27, 2013


    I dnt knw abt it i hav purchasd yesterdy i am using this nw i hope my pimples acne marks would remv vry soon

    • July 27, 2013


      Lets Pray 🙂

  • August 5, 2013


    I am going to try this.. actually pond’s anti bacterial facial scrub help me to clear my pimples and acne problem.. i do believe this product.. i like to try also the new ponds white beauty for my cream.. 🙂