Natio Loose Powder Translucent Review Swatches Photos

I have always enjoyed using loose powders, rather than compacts. Even though they are messy to work with, they feel lighter on the skin, especially for the days when I want minimal makeup.  Loose powders have been around for a while now, but since last year they have become a rage, especially for baking and setting your concealer. And also in helping in cleaning up your contour. I was looking for an option which was easily available in India, that’s when I came across the Natio Loose Powder. Though it isn’t that cheap but I got in sale at Nykaa. Natio is an Australian brand, and it is available on Nykaa for a while now.

Natio Loose Powder Translucent Review Swatches Photos

I usually tend to sweat a lot in summer and my makeup, especially my under-eye makeup melts off within just an hour of application at times. I used to set it with my compact powders earlier and I didn’t find much of a difference. But once I started using the baking technique to set my eyes, I haven’t looked back. I used to use my Laura Mercier translucent loose powder to set my under eyes and I simply love it. But it’s too expensive to use on an everyday basis and it is quite difficult to get it here in India. 

Natio Loose Powder Translucent Review Swatches Photos

Product Description

Warms and enlivens skin for a velvet smooth finish. Soft texture sets makeup and is ideal for final touch-ups.

How to apply:

Sweep on sparingly using a powder brush. Focus on areas of your face that tend to shine. If you overdo it, skim a fresh cotton wool ball or clean powder brush over your face to remove excess powder.

Packaging: The Natio Loose Powder in Translucent comes in a plastic tub style container, with a black lid which has the brand logo on top. It is a transparent container, so you can see the amount of product left in the box. Once u open the lid of the container, there is a plastic stopper with holes in it.

It allows you to dispense the desired amount of product without any wastage, spilling. It also helps in the powder from flying due to air coz it is a loose powder after all. It also comes with a powder puff, which is quite soft and can be used for application. But I prefer using a wet sponge to bake and a large powder brush to set my entire face. It is a very light weight container. It is firm and sturdy and easy to travel with so I carry it with me whenever I travel.

Natio Loose Powder Translucent Review Swatches Photos

My Experience:

The actual powder is very finely milled. It is very soft and applies very smoothly on the skin. It is in a light flesh toned shade, but it does not leave any colour on the skin. The texture of the powder is very soft and light weight. Once you apply it to the skin it gives your skin a very smooth and velvety finish.

It mattifies and blurs your pores and sets the makeup without changing the colour of your foundation, but you cannot feel it on your skin hence your skin doesn’t feel caked up with the layers of makeup. What I like to do is, after applying my foundation and concealer; I take a little powder on the lid of the container, take a wet sponge press it lightly to the powder and then press a thin layer of powder under my eyes with the sponge and let it be for a while.

Natio Loose Powder Translucent Review Swatches Photos

I also do the same by applying a thin line of powder under where my contour should be. I finish off the rest of my face, powder my t-zone and brush off all the excess powder from my face with a powder brush. Doing this sets my under eyes, so my concealer does not crease or melt and also the rest of my face looks seamless without any harsh lines of contour or anything. It basically does the same job my Laura Mercier powder does, but at a lesser cost. Also I do not feel any guilt in using it on an everyday basis.

Natio Loose Powder Translucent (Price 1075 for 22gm)

Overall Thoughts

Natio loose Powder Translucent is an excellent option and one of the best loose powders in india. Especially if you have oily skin or if you sweat a lot. The powder is finely milled and very lightweight; hence it doesn’t feel cakey on your skin. It mattifies your pores and sets your foundation without changing it colour.

It also sets your under- eye concealer without causing it to crease or melt. A bit expensive, but a lot cheaper than high end brands. And since you don’t need a lot of product, this container will definitely last you a while.

Ratings – 4.9/5(for the price)

*Written By Lavanya