NARS Joyous Red Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

NARS Joyous Red Lipstick ($26) for 3.4 gm. NARS Lipstick Joyous Red Review swatches (5)NARS Lipstick Joyous Red Review swatches (2)The color Joyous Red started off as a limited edition from NARS, and was later included in their permanent collection. It is of semi-matte finish and won Instyle’s “Best Beauty Buys” award for Best Overall Lipstick in the year 2011.

Shade – The lipstick, described as “amber red” and is one of their most popular shades. The color of the lipstick is dark in the bullet, however, when swatched on my finger or lips, it is more of a coral shade

Packaging – Temptation personified, the packaging of the lipstick is done simply. A black-and-white package, the lipstick itself is encased in a matte black packaging with the brand name “NARS” etched in white. Open the package and you would find a dark, orange-red bullet which is so pristine that you almost are afraid to relieve it of its pure, classical lines.NARS Lipstick Joyous Red Review swatches (1)Texture & Formula –  Very minute and almost invisible golden shimmers are present in the lipstick, though in no way does that hinder the lipstick’s texture. In fact, this is one of the lipsticks which does not bleed, yet glides on easily. It also does not dry out my lips, and I like the moisturizing effect of it, although it looks mostly matte on my lips. The shimmers also do not settle on my lip lines or look tacky. It does transfer, though, so be wary of that. NARS Lipstick Joyous Red Review swatches (3)Staying Power – The color also does not flake, and although it fades after a while, it does stay on my lips for about 4-6 hours quite easily. I generally have the tendency of refreshing my lips every 3-4 hours or so, and thus, it is not much of a problem for my. I love the hydration it gives me, and also the very attractive orange-red, that translates to a bright shade of coral-red on my lips. It does get eaten off, so after a meal it is wise to refresh.NARS Lipstick Joyous Red Review swatches (4)

What I like

  1. Lovely shade
  2. Great packaging
  3. Does not dry out my lips
  4. Shimmers do not settle on lip lines
  5. Does not flake
  6. Does not bleed
  7. Wears for 4-6 hours easily

Areas of Improvement

  1. Transfers

Overall Thoughts

I will repurchase this when my present one gets over. Fantastic color and wear time – I am sold.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Written by Poorna Banerjee