My Experience at The Four Fountains Spa Delhi

Motherhood is such a demanding title that too when you have a naughty and super active kid. Due to increased stress levels and troubled sleep, I started experiencing body ache and discomfort. When I was offered to experience ‘The Four Fountains Spa’s services, i booked an appointment without thinking twice.

The Four Fountains Spa is located at South Extension Part 2 market and is pretty easy to locate. I was greeted by the staff upon entering, I met Dr Risha who works as a consultant and explained me various therapies they offer. Broadly they have therapies classified into De-stressing, De-toxification, Immunity & Beauty and under each category they have further subcategories. I chose Head-Neck-Shoulder massage & Hydrating Facial for myself. I observed that the services were decently priced and starting from Rs879. In all the rush I left my camera at home so clicked few pictures from my phone.

Ambiance – The whole spa has dim lights and soothing mellow  music playing. I loved the ambiance and it immediately had a relaxing effect on my mind.

I met Dr Sana, the in house doctor who took me through the stress test to check my stress level and if I am allergic to anything.

Then I was introduced to My therapist Sansriti who took me to the room. The room was small but clean and well lit, though during massage she switched off the lights so that I could feel comfortable. I was handed over disposable underclothing to change into. The four fountains Spa Delhi

Head-Neck-Shoulder massage (Rs 949) was 30 mins long. My therapist Sansriti was soft spoken, attentive and humble. She used Jasmine oil for head massage and sesame oil for shoulder & neck. Both the oils were very light and mildly scented. Her fingers worked like magic and the entire 30 minutes of massage flew away in no time. I really felt relaxed and sleepy. She asked me to take a shower before starting the facial.The four fountains Spa Delhi review (2)She started hydrating facial once i was back. She quickly changed the bed cover and a new clean sheet was there. Hydrating facial’s (Rs 1699) duration is 1 hr. She started of with cleaning my face thoroughly. I was surprised to see that how gentle her strokes were while massaging my face. After cleansing she used an exfoliator, then massaged my skin with a cream and finished off the facial with a face pack. My skin definitely felt hydrated and supple. I felt so relaxed that fall asleep during the facial. 20130323_134216After my session was over Dr Risha asked me to fill the feedback form. I checked with them if they offer memberships and she explained me all the options very well. I felt the membership fee was reasonable and offers lucrative discounts and perks. I am planning to become a member soon.

Session ended with a cup of green tea. Dr Risha handed me a prescription booklet & a guide to stress free living. She also gave me a small tub of cooling gel which can be applied on forehead for sound sleep.

They are also coming up with another branch in Hauz Khas soon.

What I liked

  • The ambiance, it was soothing and relaxing. Full of aromas of essential oils.
  • Staff was humble and helpful
  • Therapist was very attentive and professional.
  • Therapy is worth spending money. You can avail discounts in visits during Happy hours.
  • They offer some really amazing deals and discounts for members.

What could have been improved

  • There was some renovation going on next door, so whole time the sound of hammering was not letting me relax completely. My whole concentration used to shift to it rather than relaxing.
  • Though Hydrating facial made my skin supple at that time but those dry patches returned when I came back home ! This is something i will discuss with the consultant on my next visit,

Overall Thoughts

I am definitely going back for another therapy/ massage session. I might try Swedish massage this time since the entire massage experience was so relaxing! The whole ambiance, aroma and well trained professional staff made my experience delightful. I would highly recommend their services to everyone.

My Ratings – 4/5 


*Services were offered for free in exchange for a review. However My opinions are unbiased and honest.