MUA Undressed vs Urban Decay Naked Palette

I have got a chance to get my hands on both MUA Undressed palette and Urban Decay Naked. Undressed is widely known as a cheaper alternative to UD Naked, so i decided to do a MUA Undressed vs Urban Decay Naked Palette kind of post.MUA Undressed vs Naked palettePrice & Availability– MUA Undressed costs £4, naked’s cost ranges from 35-70 $ depending from where you are buying it. Also MUA ships worldwide through their website which makes ‘Undressed’ all the more accessible as compared to UD naked, which so far can only be purchased through ebay, amazon etc. MUA undressed obviously wins this category!

Packaging – Naked Palette comes in a luxurious packaging which looks and feels classy and sturdy, where MUA Undressed has a basic see through plastic lid packaging which feels fragile & cheap. Naked wins this category hands down though MUA has delivered what it supposed to at such a low price.Urban Decay Naked palette swatches with flash (2)swatches Urban Decay Naked paletteMUA undressed eyshadow paletteShades – I must admit that MUA has tried to recreate all the shades perfectly ! One glance at both the palettes and none of the shades look any different from other. Naked has all the 12 shades placed in one single row where Undressed has divided them in 2 rows. 1st row has all the light shades and 2nd has deep/dark.

All the shades in the pictures below have been swatched after swirling finger only once in the pan .. MUA Undressed vs Naked palette swatchesUrban Decay Naked Palette swatches first 6Next ..MUA Undressed vs Naked palette swatches and comparisonUrban Decay Naked Palette swatches next 6Texture and Formula – MUA Undressed eyeshadows are decently pigmented, 2 matte shades are very sheer and don’t show up. Some shades look shimmery and have fall outs while application.

Naked palette has all the shades superbly pigmented with creamy/ buttery texture ! Blending and application is super easy with minimal or no fall outs !

Pigmentation – I can see uniformity when it comes to pigmentation in Naked palette, all the shades are highly pigmented and you would hardly feel the need of going back to pick more color, the two matte shades are equally buttery and pigmented.

MUA Undresses on the other had has sheer to good pigmentation, like I mentioned 2 matte shades do not show up well, one can experience fall outs and average payoff from the shades in 1st row, however 2nd row has the most pigmented shades.

Overall Thoughts

MUA has done a commendable job by creating a cheaper alternative that too with satisfactory quality. Those who cannot/ don’t want to splurge on UD Naked would love undressed palette as its not much different from Naked in terms of shades. However whoever has used UD naked would never find that level of satisfaction with Undressed. Naked palette has smooth, creamy eyeshadows, which are absolute delight to use without any fall outs. Naked costs almost 10 times of what MUA Undressed costs, so if you love playing with neutral colors but don’t want to spend a lot, undressed would be a good choice. Though it can never beat the quality and pigmentation that Naked delivers. I might want to commit that naked has won my heart and I just cannot go back to MUA undressed !