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MUA Every Length Mascara – £3, available at MUA onlineMUA Every Lash Volume & lengthening MascaraMUA Every Lash Volume and lengthening Mascara

What MUA says

‘Every Lash’ is just £3 and it smells of apple!! Yummy! It adds glamour, length and volume to your eyelashes. ‘Every lash’ is available in three shades – Black, Black/Brown and waterproof. This is the perfect mascara to add length with the first application and glamorous volume with the second. And by using the waterproof shade we guarantee you long lasting full lashes without smearing.

MUA Every Lash MascaraMUA Every Lash Mascara comes in a long cylindrical tube, which feels sturdy. The formula is neither wet nor dry, just stiff enough to hold on the curled lashes. It definitely smells of apples, which is a good thing but who sniffs mascaras??MUA Every Lash Volume and lengthening Mascara reviewThe wand is designed to make every lash stand out. It coats each lash separately  I love such kind of mascaras which coats each lash without clumping.

I applied two coats of mascara on my not-so-visible lashes, and I must say they become visible !! However i didn’t see any volumizing or extraordinary lengthening effect. MUA Every Lash Volume and lengthening Mascara swatchMUA Every Lash Volume and lengthening Mascara swatch and review

My eyelashes are pointed and sparse so i always have tough time applying mascara or expecting it to do miracles. However I am pretty happy with my HG L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara but it costs a bomb. Finding a cheap dupe is a big challenge.

What I liked

  1. The wand definitely coats each lash individually, separates them.
  2. The formula elongates eye lashes a bit.
  3. It stays on for hours without clumping. I have worn it for 7 hours last time.
  4. It gives very natural effect, can be a great option for the girls who work and don’t want overly dramatic eyelashes.
  5. Priced decently.

What can be improved

  1. If it can live up to its volumizing claim.
  2. Availability. Right now its can only be purchased online.

Overall Thoughts

It can be a great budget mascara for those who don’t want too dramatic lashes. It can be an excellent choice for working girls or those who go to college and don’t want curls to disappear or clump after few hours. However if you have sparse or short lashes like me, then don’t expect too much.

Ratings : 3/5