Mikyajy DISCO I Boxed Beauty Review

Contest Entry by Rafia

Mikyajy DISCO I Boxed Beauty
I am no expert in creating different eye looks and when it comes to smoky eyes, its better if we don’t mention it. Half of the time (OK, most of the time) I end up looking as if I am a heavily depressed maniac in a Horror Hollywood flick! And so no prizes for guessing why I steer clear from smoky eyes but I can create perfect glittery smoky eyes with this thing and being a person who gets carried away easily I bought it on the advice of the Sales woman @ Mikyajy. But not being a makeup junky, I was feeling slightly guilty for spending almost 109 QR on a eye makeup Kit. Anyways, today I am reviewing the Mikyajy Disco I Boxed Beauty. 
Product Name: 

Mikyajy Disco I which comes under Mikyajy’s Boxed Beauty Collection. 
Boxed Beauties is a unique and trendy collection of cosmetic tins which are great value for money! Each tin offers a range of products that work together to create a specific look or theme. Boxed Beauties are all about portability and the creative tin concept is unique to the Mikyajy brand.
Price- 109 Qatari Riyal (in special sale in March)
Availability – In all Main GCC Countries like Saudi Arabia,UAE,Qatar,Bahrain,Oman,Kuwait etc.
Boxed Beauty Contains-
. Line & Shadow Pencil
. Mascara & Eye liner
. Duo Glitter Mascara(golden & silver)
. Eye Shadow kit containing 4 eye shadows (black,glittery black,golden & siver)
. Shadow glitter double sided pencil (golden & Silver)

. Golden & Silver Glitter Dust.

Product Claim :(as Per the site):
Disco I is a Boxed Beauty that adds a touch of golden, silver and black hues to the eyes. It contains amazing make-up products such as a two-in-one mascara & eyeliner, duo glitter mascara, a set of 4 shades eye shadows, loose eye shadows, line & shadow pencil & shadow glitter. 

Create a smoky look for your eyes with intense color that won’t fade. 

Pros of Mikyajy  Disco I:

  • Creating smoking eye look is a breeze with this kit.
  • Eye Pencil Blends easily.
  • Easily removable using a makeup remover or olive oil.
  • Good pigmentation of Eye shadows & Line & shadow Pencil.
  • Easy to sharpen pencils.
  • Very Travel friendly as includes a double sided (duo) Black Liquid Eye liner & Mascara ,a Black Line & shadow Pencil ,A double sided(duo) Golden & silver Glitter Mascara,a small eye shadow kit containing 4 eyeshadows & a double sided Eye shadow applicator ,a double sided golden & silver shadow glitter pencil & lastly Golden & silver Glitter dust.What else do you want!.
 Cons of Mikyajy  Disco I:
  • The Shadow Glitter pencils are too light nearly invisible.
  • Same goes with the Glitter mascaras,..very light & are in watery form.
  • The Liquid Eye liner & Mascara if at all enters the eyes,causes a little burning sensation ,like minty sensation,not strong.
  • The line & shadow pencil when applied on water line,Smudges.
Overall Thoughts:
The Eye Shadows Kit is Fabulous & has quiet nice pigmentation
My first ever perfect smoky eyes were created thanks to this little wonder.I am glad I bought this. It stays put for about 3 hours after that it kind of starts losing the charm. But that’s OK! May be with an eye primer it would stay more. Can be used on the waterline and for tight lining but I must add it does smudge when used as a liner. Its travel friendly, so instead of carrying your eye shadow box and brushes around, you just need to throw this Box in your handbag. If only the price was a bit low.
The Line & shadow pencil- Can be easily sharpened. No hassles.
Eye liner & Mascara are easy to apply.
I can say it’s a must have for people like me who who cannot create smoky eyes with eye shadows to save their life. For others, it is a pass.
I would give it 3.80/5 ,..The glitter mascaras & the light Shadow glitter are an issue.

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