Max Factor Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny Review

Max Factor Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny (£6.99)Max Factor Lipstick Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny_6Max Factor Lipstick Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny_2Packaging : The packaging is done simply. A matte black bullet encasing the lipstick, with the word Max Factor etched in white. It is a very travel-friendly package, and has survived a couple of trips across the country and as I type, a very tiring but exhilarating two-day trip in this very humid and hot weather, crushed among other things.

Texture and Application : The lipstick glides on easily, and application is a breeze. You can easily put it on and run off, and it would instantly brighten up your face. The lipstick does not bleed, and has no discernible taste. It does smell slightly like crayons, but then, virtually all MF lipsticks do smell very similarly. I have another one, and it does smell very similar. It does transfer, so touch ups are a good thing.Max Factor Lipstick Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny_3Color : Max Factor Color Collection Lipstick Copper Penny is a beautiful bright copper shade, with a good bit of shimmer in it to really make the color pop out. On my lips it translates into a coppery orange shade with shimmers. The good news is, these shimmers are quite flattering on my skin tone. Bad news is, they have a tendency of settling on my lip lines. However, since I have a 3-hour lipstick renewal policy, it is not a bad thing for me. Left untouched, the color stays on my lips for about 4 hours, give or take a bit, fading evenly slightly. But the lipstick itself is incredibly flattering, so yes, I absolutely find it worth every penny spent. It also does not flake or leave my lips feeling dehydrated, so yay for that as well.Max Factor Lipstick Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny_4

What I liked

  1. Travel-friendly packaging
  2. Great color payoff
  3. Easy application
  4. Does not bleed
  5. Lasts a decent amount of time
  6. Does not dry out my lips

Areas Of Improvement

  1. Slightly weird smell
  2. Shimmers settle down on my lip lines

Max Factor Lipstick Color Collection Lipstick 775 Copper Penny_5

Overall Thoughts

I love the color, and okay, I must admit, I am looking at more such colors. Never knew the shade looked so good on me.

Ratings – 4/5

Written By Poorna Banerjee