Marks & Spencer Pure Super Active Moisturiser Review

Marks & Spencer Pure Super Active Moisturiser (Rs 850 for 50 ml), available at M&S Stores

Marks & Spencer Pure Skincare Range :

Naturally good for your skin Effective skincare packed with responsibly sourced active natural ingredients 100% essential oil fragrances
100% free from artificial colours, parabens & mineral oils Carefully selected British ingredients

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As per M&S - 

This super active moisturiser intensively hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates for more youthful-looking radiant skin.

My Experience

I have used it for over 3 weeks and can count on positives, which are:

  1. A really light-weight formula that gets absorbed into the skin in seconds.
  2. Doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue. Skin looks supple and shine-free.
  3. Keeps skin hydrates for long hours. People with dry skin might need reapplication after 5+ hours. Would be a gret moisturizer for oily to combination skin girls.
  4. Doesn’t cause breakouts.
  5. Free from parabens, silicones and mineral oil

Marks Spencer Pure superactive moisturizer review 1200x900

Negatives would be

  1. Its a really good option for oily to combination skins, but not that rich for dry skins. During winters my skin starts feeling dry after 3 hours. Skin doesn’t look dry or parched but feels a bit uncomfortable (Stretchy).
  2. I didn’t see it doing anything for the fine lines on my forehead. I was expecting it to take care of them since it falls in anti ageing skincare category.
  3. The smell is not very unpleasant yet not completely repulsive.
  4. I found it over priced and would rather buy a anti-ageing serum than repurchasing it.

Marks Spencer Pure superactive moisturizer anti ageing skincare 1200x900Marks Spencer Pure superactive moisturizer anti ageing skincare review 1200x900

Overall Thoughts

Marks & Spencer Pure Super Active Moisturiser is a great moisturizer for those not so cold and dry days, when you want to give your skin a doze of nourishment without looking greasy! It keeps skin supple and nourished without causing any break outs, however can leave dry skin asking for more ! If you are looking for a light weight parabens free moisturizer, this can be a good option, though I would recommend testing the smell in the store before picking it up, as, sensitive noses may find it little unpleasant.

Ratings : 3/5

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