Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder Review Photos Price

Most of love products that have the capacity to make us look flawless in pictures and vidoes. Many brands are coming up with their HD lines but Makeup Forever has had this HD range for many years and it is one of their best selling products. I love this brand and am a big fan of their HD foundation. I picked up Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder to set the foundation.

Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder Review Photos Price

About The Product:

The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye.

Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder Review Photos Price

Packaging – It is a loose powder so it comes in a big round tub with a cushion inside. This is the new version of this powder with improved packaging to prevent the powder from spilling. Quite interesting as I really found that I do no waste much powder. I just press the cushion with my powder brush. Very little quantity is sufficient for each use and one tub would last more than a year.

Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder Review Photos Price

Shade – It looks whitish but actually has no color on the skin. It also has no fragrance.

Texture & Formula – Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder is very finely milled and has the silkiest texture and just disappears into the skin. It is very light weight and feels like nothing when applied but still gives that satin glow.

Performance – It is a white colored powder which goes translucent after application. It does not look white on the face and also does not change the color of the base makeup. I use it to set the under eyes and they look brighter and stay longer without creasing.

I would not say that this powder is mattifying and it does not claim to be so. Instead, it softens the skin and sets the makeup really well. It is a high definition product and photographs really well. You should be careful about how much product you actually take else it might show up in flash photos. I have not faced any such issues as I use very little amount of it everytime.

Staying Power – The powder keeps my face fresh for 3-4 hours and I do re touch after that. The best part is how it makes you look in photos. I feel it performs better on HD foundations. I have also tried it over Kryolan HD foundation which is another hit and it performs the same.

Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder  is priced at Rs 52$.

Overall Thoughts

Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder is an expensive product but a high end brand. Availability is a big issue. I would not call it a must have, though it is good to have if you are a makeup artist.

Rating: 4/5


*Written By Preetha Karthik