How To Make Round Face Look Thinner With Makeup

Girls with a full round face often want to make themselves look thin. As we know there are several tips and tricks shared by experts to cover up the roundness of the face, makeup is best used to change the appearance of the face. Makeup not only highlights your facial features, it also brings effects that can camouflage imperfections. Here are few makeup tricks that can help your round face look thinner.

Make your eyes look bigger

Bigger attractive eyes draw attention away from your face. This means bigger eyes equal slimmer face. Use a neutral shimmer near the inner corner of the eyes and apply dark eye shadow across upper lash line. Use volumizing black mascara for thicker and longer lashes.

Go for thick angular brows

Thick well groomed brows help in making your face look lean and slender. Preferably, keep the angle/arch slightly higher. Experts suggest using pencil or shadow in shaping and arching your eye brows. Make sure to use in a shade that is lighter than your natural brow color.

Darker foundation

Drawing attention away from sides of your face is possible when you use foundation darker than your skin. Use a darker shade foundation in the hollow of your cheeks. This will make your face appear slender.

Go deep on jawbone, nose and temple

This is the speciality of contouring. Use your favourite contour product and go slightly dark on jaw line, and sides on nose and temples. You can also use a pressed matte powder that is one shade darker than your skin color.

Blusher trick

A good blusher makes your face look toned and sharp. Applying your favourite blush with firm brisk strokes allows you to show off your beauty points. Apply blush directly under the cheek bones and blend towards your temple. Do not apply blush on the apple of the cheeks in circular motion as it will only accentuate the roundness of your face.

Add shimmer

Adding shimmer to your cheek bones and collarbone reflects light. Highlighting your bone structure makes it more noticeable thus making your look thinner.

Now that you know some excellent tricks and tips about how to make Round Face Look Thinner, get ready and draw every body’s attention next time you get ready.