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MAC Studiofix Fluid Foundation (30 ml for $27)

I am NC 42 according to MAC, but my best friend is NC 43.5, although her skin tone is actually slightly paler than me. It all depends on what your skin can pick up and work with. Go to a MAC store, get your skin tested, tell them what you need, and you will be given according to your requirements. For example, I told the SA that my skin was oily, but I still got MAC Studiofix Fluid Foundation which is much more apt for dry to normal skin. Why do you ask? The fact that the foundation matched my skin absolutely, minimized my pores, and blended much better and stayed for longer period of time and gave better coverage, which were four things I wanted from my foundation and got. mac studio fix spf 15 foundationPackaging: MAC Studiofix Fluid foundation comes in a solid glass jar with a rubber-finish matte black cap. As you can see, the lid is quite vulnerable to dirt and foundation marks, and as this is my go-to foundation for evening wear, it has been used a lot. I am quite afraid about it breaking, so I generally take a small plastic cup and pour a bit in it, and keep it in my travelling pouch. MAC Studiofix Fluid Foundation Review Swatches Photos (4)Product: I generally tip the bottle to get a dollop out, work it with my foundation brush on the back of my hand, and use it on my face. I would suggest you prime your face before using this foundation because that makes the color go on much more easily. It blends very easily, and provides medium to full coverage, based on the amount you layer on. That means, yes, this covers minor blemishes, spots, acne marks, and other imperfections quite nicely. You can apply it as heavily or as lightly you like. I personally prefer using this blended on my skin with a foundation brush with a bit of my favorite moisturizer to thin it out slightly, and I don’t like using my fingers to blend it in. It also reduces my pores considerably and gives fantastic coverage.MAC Studiofix Fluid Foundation Review Swatches Photos (1)Staying Power:  This foundation lasts for about 6-10 hours on my face, depending on the climate. In winters, my skin can easily carry this off for around 12 hours, which is an achievement for my skin type. In summer, especially with all the humidity, the lasting power is low, but still commendable. I like the fact that the color can be built and does make my face look fresh. However, it does have a dewy finish on me, so yes a mattifying powder on top of this is a must for me. I generally use a light setting powder on top of this, and currently loving the Bourjois one. It does not break me out or clog my pores, so that is a huge benefit for me.MAC Studiofix Fluid Foundation Review Swatches Photos (2)Pros:

  1. Matched shade to my skin tone
  2. Does not break me out
  3. Lasts a long time
  4. Does not clog my pores
  5. Blends easily
  6. Gives proper coverage


  1. Does not matte my skin
  2. Not very travel friendly

Overall Thoughts

This is my second bottle, and it is half-finished already. Needless to say this is a repurchase for me.

Ratings : 4/5

Written By Poorna