MAC Riri Woo Lipstick Review Swatches Photos – Comparison with Ruby Woo

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MAC Riri Woo Lipstick (Rs 1200) available for a limited time in MAC StoresMAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (5)MAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (1)

MAC Riri Woo is a part of “RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection 2013″ that has launched in India this week. I love Ruby Woo and skipped Riri Woo the last time (Riri hearts MAC Summer Collection) it launched because both colors were very similar. But this time I gave in to temptation and decided to pick it up purely because of rose gold & white packaging and I am glad that I did. 

Shade - MAC Riri Woo is similar to Ruby Woo, a cool toned red and retro matte finish. However if you swatch both side by side, MAC Riri woo appears slightly deeper/cooler than Ruby Woo. But on lips no one can tell the difference. Color looks balanced, neither bright nor too deep.

MAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (3)

Texture & Formula is similar to MAC Ruby Woo, retro matte and dry when you apply. It can be unforgiving on dry lips and they need to be exfoliated and prepped before applying Riri Woo. It tugs pulls and drags on lips while you try to apply. I love the color so much that I overlook such issues. I use MAC Cherry Lip Liner to outline my lips for a neater application & finish.MAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (4)

MAC Riri Woo comes in a rose gold packaging with “R” on the case & Rhianna’s signature on the Cap & Bullet. MAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (2)

You can see me wearing MAC Ruby Woo HERE. and in the pictures below I have worn MAC Riri Woo -MAC Riri Woo review swatches photos (7)



Overall Thoughts

I love the color and packaging of MAC Riri Woo and the fact that its a LE product ! Its a classic red with cool undertones, and looks absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones. Texture & Formula is similar to Ruby Woo, retro matte, drying and stiff, however staying power is great. On me it stays on for good 6-7 hours with meals in between, it fades leaving a slight tint behind. If you love Ruby Woo than you should get Riri woo for some added bonus in terms of classy packaging :D

Ratings : 4/5

27 thoughts on “MAC Riri Woo Lipstick Review Swatches Photos – Comparison with Ruby Woo

  1. Classy Shalini.. :) To own a riri woo is a classy feeling and putting it on the lips is to fall in love with your lips all over again.. :D

  2. WOW SHalini,

    On your complexion, such a beautiful red indeed does wonders. You completely rock the classic red lip look. I am still a RIRI WOO and Ruby Woo virgin :( But i must say woman, you bring out the magic and mysticism of the classic red lip look completely…

  3. Love love the review! Actually I wanted pleasure bomb but since it wasn’t available in bengaluru I decided to get riri woo for the packaging alone infact of owning ruby woo *_*

  4. off the topic..sorry..
    i love ur ear stud.. pls don’t skip ur ear studs in ur FOTDs now on. :P.
    sorry…don’t feel offended. :)

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