Ludurana Show Nail Polish Review Swatches

Ludurana Show Nail polish (US $ 10 for 8 ml) available from llarowe.comLudurana Show Nail polish (4)Ludurana Show Nail polish (1)

Ludurana is a Brazilian nail polish brand that makes some of the most amazing multi-chrome polishes.  Show is one of my absolute favorites from the brand, in fact, it would be easily one of my top ten nail polishes ever.

Shade – So the minute I decided to swatch Ludurana Show Nail polish and take pictures, I already started hating myself.  It is close to impossible to capture the true beauty of this multi-chrome in pictures.  So please while you look at the images, please imagine them a 100 times more beautiful.  Now to get to the point of the shade, this colour is supposed to shift from pink to turquoise to blue to yellow to orange to green.  I personally see a very distinct teal to fuchsia shift and the yellow, orange and blue are mere hints as your hand moves.  Another thing about multi-chromes, is that they show they are more spectacular in the shade, unlike holos, which need the sun.   The colours morph into one another as your fingers move – its like a symphony of colours on your tips!

Whilst wearing this, I actually had a complete stranger ask me how I had managed to layer two different polishes in this manner.  When I informed her that is was in fact one colour she walked away in disbelief.  J

PigmentationThe intensity of most multi-chromes is low.  It is ideal to layer them over a black to get the full impact of the colour and also save on polish, as they tend to be more expensive – multi-chrome pigments are expensive.

In all my images however, Ludurana Show Nail polish is not layered over black,  but 3 coats to show you how this will look on its own.  Ludurana Show Nail polish (2)Ludurana Show Nail polish (3)FormulaLudurana Show Nail polish has a little watery formula as compared to a crème.  You need to be a little careful whilst applying to ensure you don’t flood your cuticles.  I did also experience a little bubbling if I was not careful during application.  However it does go on very easily and is self leveling.

FragranceYes fragrance!  Ludurana Show Nail polish has a mild eau de cologne type fragrance.  I could smell it every time I got my fingers up to my face.  The fragrance is mild and not overpowering, but for someone who is sensitive to smells, this may be an issue.   I normally change my polish every two to three days, and the scent was there for all the days.

Lasting PowerLudurana Show Nail polish lasted on me for about 4 to 5 days without chipping.  I had not used any top coat. I find that to be pretty great, considering I am pretty hard on my nails.

Overall Thoughts

Love, love, love, true love.  Ludurana Show Nail polish is so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at my nails.   If you love nail polish then this one is a must have.

Rating 5/5

*Written By Dela