L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review Photos

Well matte is a word I stay away from. My skin is dry and starts feeling stretchy if I apply a matte foundation or base makeup product. That’s why I didn’t pick L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation for a long time. During one of my recent trips to the makeup counter, I picked and read what was written on the tube of this foundation and surprised to find that this formula works on all skin types. I thought why not and picked a shade for me 🙂

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review Photos


Packaging – Keeping the color theme of mat magique range in mind the tube has bright pink packaging. It has a narrow nozzle which is perfect for dispensing right amount of product each time.

Shade – L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation is available in 5 shades, I was matched to G3. The shade has strong yellow tones and works perfectly for me. Shades are numbered in N & G, I am assuming that N is for neutral & G for golden. G3 is the second darkest shade in the range.

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review Swatches Photos

Texture & Formula – It is a cream product , with a good consistency, neither think nor runny. I have used it with sponge as well as brush. The formula once applied becomes almost a mousse , and offers a powdery finish. Which means the foundation doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, also there is no need to set it with powder, well at least in my case.

Formula is semi-matte and offers skin like finish. It doesn’t feel heavy or look cake-y. My skin is dry and it definitely highlights rough or dry patches on the skin, which means i either don’t use it or use only when my skin is in the best shape. Also one has to moisturise really well before applying it so that the formula goes on smoothly.

Blending was easy and it didn’t take much time to set. Finish was matte on me. I skipped setting it with powder. In my opinion L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique foundation is more suitable for normal-oily skin types. Also it is more useful to be used during summers because I think it will be too drying for me in winters. Formula is non-comedogenic which means it is good for acne/pimple prone skin. Also it comes with SPF 11 PA+++

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review Photos

Coverage – As per the brand the coverage is natural, but i think it offers medium coverage. I don’t have any prominent scar or blemish on my face at the moment so can’t really say much about the coverage but it did even out my skin tone effortlessly. You need a small amount for your whole face which is something I loved about it.

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review Photos

Staying Power – On me without a primer it stayed on for good 6+ hours.

I don’t see a con except the drying part, it was very comfortable on me for initial 2 hours but after that my skin started feeling dry and looked wrinkly around eyes & mouth. Which means formula is more suitable for those with combination-oily skin types.

L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation is priced at Rs 595

For Demo you can watch the video below 🙂

Overall Thoughts

If you have combination-oily skin and looking for an affordable good foundation then do try L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation. Foundation has yellow toned shades and nice travel friendly packaging. Formula offers medium coverage with a semi-matte finish and stays on for a pretty decent time. 

Rating : 3.75/5