Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick Review Swatches

Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick (available at for $22.5)

Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick (2)

Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick (3)

When I was travelling on vacation I realised that Lancome has a completely different range of products for the US market than the ones it sells elsewhere around the world.  The product range is similar but the colors differ.  I decided to explore some of these.

Shade – Lancome Sugared Maple is a beautiful reddish brown that looks natural and at the same time adds a bit of oomph to your overall look. I’ve seen it being described mainly as red, but on my pigmented lips the brown shows more.  I would describe it as closer to brick red.

Texture and Formula – Like all Lancome products this one also, has great quality.  It is really smooth and glides on to the lips very easily.  In spite of how buttery this is, it does not get mushy or brake in the tube.  I have had this problem with some of the very creamy lipsticks, they break or melt when you carry them in your bag – thanks to the horrifying Mumbai heat.  Lancome Sugared Maple has proved to be pretty sturdy so far.

Pigmentation – One swipe is all it takes to get full colour.  I do tend to give it a couple of swipes, but that is not needed to build on colour.

Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick (1)

Packaging – Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick comes in a metallic greyish black tube that looks subtle and elegant.  The base of the tube is not flat, it is a half sphere.  Because of this, the lipstick doesn’t stand on its own.  I have a habit of throwing away the outside box, but in this case I kept if for a while because of this.  Ultimately I put it in a box full of other lipsticks, so, for now it can balance on the others

Staying Power – Unfortunately this lasts only 2 to 3 hours maximum.  One cup of coffee and you will need to reapply, there is no trace of the colour left.  To be fair, this doesn’t come with a “long last” tag.

Overall Thoughts

I love the colour and I personally prefer to go bolder on the lips than the eyes and this works perfectly.  I don’t really mind reapplying the lipstick – prefer doing that to using the super long last formulae that dry your lips completely.

Lancome Sugared Maple Color Design Lipstick is one of my personal favourites.  I have already run down one tube and am on my second one, and that is saying a lot, considering the number of lip products I own!

Ratings  5/5

*Written By Dela