Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714 Review Price

Kryolan makes some really great brushes at an affordable price. They have two ranges in brushes, premium and professional. The one I am reviewing today is Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714

Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714

Packaging – All the Kryolan brushes are grey colored, the handle is medium sized and sturdy. The brush number is specified on the handle.

The flat eyeshadow brush is one of their best selling brushes and I was suggested this over the regular eyeshadow brush. This costs almost double than the premium brush but has better quality and performs well.

It is good that Kryolan has different ranges so we can choose based on our budget. I found  that this brush for Rs.600 was affordable for me and picked it up.

Performance – Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714 is made of natural hair. The bristles are soft and tightly packed. They  are brown in color so one need not be bothered about them looking dirty.

It helps in easy application of eye shadows, blending them very well. I also use it for applying glitters and pigments and it works really well. It can also be used to apply brow bone highlighter as the size is just perfect. It is neither too big nor a small brush.

Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714

Cleaning the brush is super easy. I use a bit of baby shampoo and water and it comes out squeaky clean. I also use Kryolan Brush cleaner which I will review soon here.

Not a single bristle has fallen till date and am using it for a year now. The bristles do not fray if used and stored properly. Also cleaning regularly is important to maintain the shape and quality of any brush.

Kryolan Professional Flat Eyeshadow Brush 9714 is now available online.

Overall Thoughts:

Kryolan Professional Flat eyeshadow brush 9714 is a decent eyeshadow brush that picks up eyeshadows, pigments, glitters well, packs the color on the lid well and also helps in blending. The brush is stiff and sturdy and the quality surely justifies the price.

Rating: 4.5/5

*Written by Preetha Karthik

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