Kryolan Multi Gel Clear Review Price Photos Swatches

Kryolan Multi Gel Clear is a special gel that is used as an adhering base for loose glitter or other powder particles. Multi Gel is easy to apply with fingers or a brush to the desired area of skin and easily removed with soap and water

Kryolan Multi Gel Clear Review Price Photos Swatches

Packaging – Kryolan Multi Gel comes in a tiny tube but the quantity definitely lasts a long time as you would require very less each time.

Texture & Formula – It is a colorless and odourless gel which has a light weight consistency. It applies and spreads easily. I usually take a very tiny amount and just pat it on the lid before applying glitters. You have to be very careful with the amount you use as if you put too much, the glitters you apply can go patchy.

Performance – It definitely makes the glitters stay for the whole day, until you remove it. Make sure you pat the gel on the lid, wait for few seconds and then pat the glitter little by little.

Kryolan Multi Gel Clear Review Price Photos Swatches

Kryolan Multi Gel is the most affordable glitter glue you can find in India. I am amazed by the performance. It is tiny and travel friendly. If you love using glitter for the eyes, I would say do keep this in your kit as it’s a must have for eyemakeup lovers.

It is easily available at Kryolan stores and online though I waited for it to be in stock for so many months. One tube lasts 6 months-1 year as you need very little amount of the product.

It has not caused any allergies on my eyes till now. It is non sticky and feels very light on the lids and also makes the glitter pop and brighter.

Kryolan Multi Gel Clear is priced at Rs. 450

Overall Thoughts

Kryolan Multi gel is a transparent glitter glue or glitter primer which brightens the glitters applied on the lid making them last throughout the day. Must have in a bridal makeup kit.

Rating : 4.5/5


*Written By Preetha Karthik


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