Korres Botanically Coated Blush 44 Orange Review Swatches

Korres Botanically Coated Blush 44 Orange ($24 for 6 gm.)Korres Botanically Coated Blush Orange review swatches (7)Korres Botanically Coated Blush Orange review swatches (2)Korres is a great brand from Greece, and they pride in providing products which have natural ingredients in them. This botanically coated blush was one I bought December last year, but somehow did not use it till summer began. At around $24 for 6 gm., it was quite a steal, as these colors are without any parabens sulfates synthetic fragrances & phthalates. I must say, this blush exactly fulfils my purpose. I wanted a blush which would be easy to blend, summery, and definitely not pink. Pinks generally look weird against my warm toned skin, and I prefer using something which is not too obvious.

Shade – It is a bright matte orange shade, which can be safely layered on and blended.Korres Botanically Coated Blush Orange review swatches (3)Packaging – The packaging is minimalistic. I somehow could not find the outer cover, which was quite pretty and with images of flowers on it, but inside it’s a white package with the brand logo and city (Athens) embossed, along with the image of the color. Open it and you would find a square pan of orange powder blush and a large, square mirror.

Texture & Formula – The powder does not settle on my pores, and does not have any shimmers or glitters, making it perfect for summer wear.

Pigmentation – The color itself is not very pigmented, and at the same time it is not very light. In fact, it’s the perfect blend of both, and I generally use my blush brush, and apply this directly on the sides of my cheekbones, corner of my eyes, and at times, on other parts of my face. It adds the delicate hint of orange shade, without being obvious, and blends like a dream. I don’t think this color would suit someone under NC44 as the color is pretty light, but it is great for anyone who want a natural, subdued flush, rather than a full-on, defined blush.

Staying Power – The wear time is around 3-4 hours without fixing spray, which I don’t mind. I generally sweat a lot, and the fact that this stays on for so long is nothing short of a blessing to me. I would recommend this to anyone who loves natural orange colored blush.

What I Liked

  1. Simple packaging
  2. Blends easily
  3. Great color for summer
  4. Lovely big mirror
  5. Paraben and sulphates free

Areas of Improvement

  1. Not very pigmented
  2. Fades after 3-4 hours

Overall Thoughts

Definitely love the color and the lovely natural flush it gives me.

Ratings : 4/5

Written By Poorna Banerjee