Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos

Jovees Veg Peel (Rs 165) available HERE
Everyone is talking about Veg peel/ chemical peel these days. These peels are supposed to lighten scars and pigmentation, and clean upper surface of the skin by removing dead skin. I thought of giving Jovees Veg Peel a try and bought
Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos

As per Jovees
Veg peel from Jovees is a excellent formulation that will help to minimize scars caused by acne, pimples, burns, tanning and pigmentation and make skin look visibly clear and even tone. It also helps in removing dead cells, black heads.

Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos

Jovees Veg Peel is powder which is supposed to be mixed with toner and then applied..

Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos

Directions to use are clearly written on the side of the Tub. That’s how it looks upon application..

Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos

What I experienced..

I have been using Jovees Veg Peel for over 2 months now. Preparing the pack is the most tedious and messy task. It keeps on falling everywhere when you apply or scrub in circular motions. Granules are pretty huge and coarse.

Jovees Veg Peel Review Swatches Photos
After using Jovees Veg Peel

What I liked
The after effect, skin is visibly clear and glowing. Jovees Veg Peel removes dead skin completely, no more flakiness. I couldn’t stop touching my face as it feels so smooth and soft. Using it once in a week is enough.

Jovees Veg Peel hasn’t done anything for pigmentation.
Its creates too much of mess by falling out everywhere.
Complete list of ingredients is unavailable on the pack.
If you dislike coarse particles, then u can either skip it or be very soft and gentle while using it.

Overall Thoughts
Jovees Veg Peel  is my first veg peel and liking it so far. However I will prefer ready to use peels in future.

Ratings : 3.75/5

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