Interaction With International Celebrity Stylist Henry De La Paz

No matter how much you want, finding a good hair stylist is like a treasure hunt. I had my fair share of bad haircuts and thin eyebrows. How many times my request for “Trimming” was misunderstood for “Please Chop My Hair” and “Only remove extras” for “Please Make My Eyebrows as thin as possible”.. Well lets not talk about such silly issues any more and talk about my meeting With International Celebrity Stylist Henry De La PazInteraction With International Celebrity Stylist Henry De La Paz (10)Henry De La Paz has dedicated much time to learning, perfecting and elevating his craft since the young age of 15. His passion for hair styling, in conjunction with editorial and high fashion, led him to become the youngest educator in Elizabeth Arden’s history, at the age of 23. Henry now resides at the famed Warren Tricomi Salon in Madison Avenue and frequents as a season hairstylist in other Warren Tricomi salons such as Hollywood and Miami. His newest venture is sharing his skills, as well as flourishing in India’s beautiful culture. 

I met Henry at Warren Tricomi’s latest salon at The Manor Hotel, Friends Colony. I didn’t have a long list of questions to ask but yes I asked whatever was on the top of my head.

I have shoulder length layered hair so styling them is always an issue with me. Henry decided to curl my hair, since he found my hair curl-friendly due to their naturally wavy texture. Believe me I had never curled my hair, its something that never crossed my mind ever. He took a curling wand and lightly curled my hair, creating soft curls.Interaction With International Celebrity Stylist Henry De La PazMy Hair looked all bouncy and voluminous.. He advised me to use a curl diffuser after washing my hair, when they are still wet, to get lots of soft curls. He also suggested Kerastase boucles d’arrt that will help in creating curls and control frizz. I am in search for a good setting spray that doesn’t break my bank. Henry suggested L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray or Kerastase Laque Couture. I will look for L’Oreal Elnett since latter one is bit pricey.

He did a quick 2 minutes messy hair stlye by sweeping curls on one side and fixing them with bobby pins. Oh how much I loved that hairdo, it was chic and quick.Interaction With International Celebrity Stylist Henry De La Paz (9)I can make curls more defined as per the need and leave them softer for everyday look. I couldn’t stop myself from buying ‘Kerastase boucles d’arrt’ which costed a bomb (Rs 1800) Warren Tricomi Salon Delhi IndiaI am all set to experiment with my hair now 😀 You will be bombarded  with curly hair pictures soon !

You can visit Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa at The Maron Hotel, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. Henry De La Paz is here only for promotions but you can always check out the services the salon offers and I find the prices reasonable.