Choices I made

Being a woman I know how difficult it is to make choices and stand by them. We Indian Women loose our aspirations and get into this cycle of responsibilities, daily chores and taking care of family. Lots of us work to support our career and sometimes to support family.


It is important to choose what you want in life, it gives immense satisfaction. I chose to leave my job and stay back at home to take care of my daughter. It was hard especially after working hard to build a successful career for 7 years, but choice was all mine. I know many of you have done or do the same. One always has a choice… Choose what makes and keeps you happy!

Taking up blogging full-time with a kid is another choice I made 2 years back. I am telling you juggling household work, attending events, writing articles along with spending time with my daughter is no joke.. but I have tried to justify my role as a mother, a wife and a blogger. I divide my time, work till late hours to cope up with the work in hand, wait for my daughter to sleep so that I can go ahead and write a review.  And when readers and fellow bloggers appreciation those efforts, I feel that inner peace and know that the choices I made were right. I am happy that I chose to pursue my love for makeup & beauty along with spending quality time with my kid.

At the end Blogging is what I have always liked, even while pursuing full time career, I used to blog. When I decided to step up the game, I am telling you, I had to convince lots of people around me. A single supportive hand on your back is more than enough to lift up the spirits and motivate you. But this is the choice I made, to take up my hobby and convert it into a source of steady income.

Modern women is capable of making choices based on what she thinks is right. Choose what you want whether it’s wearing a bold red lipstick or smokey eyes, high heels or mini dresses. Do what you want, try it once… So that you never have regrets in life! Make a choice and believe in it even if no one else does. We only live once, So spread the word, inspire women around you, help them to make choices in their lives and support them!

Similarly one of the Most trusted makeup & beauty brand “Revlon” is running a campaign that is encouraging women to make choices. I truly appreciate their efforts and would like to spread the word. I along with Revlon Team would insist all the women readers to step out and make choices in their life. Share your inspiring choices and stories with me on Twitter & Facebook. I will be running a day long contest on twitter, join the conversation there and you may win revlon hampers 😀

*This article is a part of ChoicesByRevlon campaign


  • March 8, 2014


    Sounds great!
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  • Hey Shalini.. It is alway shard to leave your well established career but if you are happy with your choices..this is what we all wantt!!

    Being a Mom, housewife and a blogger is not everyone’s cup of tea.. but you do a marvelous job!!

    Three cheers for you.. 🙂 <3

    • March 10, 2014


      Thanks Poonam 🙂 Your support matters a lot ..

  • March 21, 2014


    This is truly inspiring! I have always liked your work, posts and blog! N wasn’t aware that so much is on your plate until recently when we had FB chat! Its so motivating to see you at a position where you are right now! Of course you worked very hard day and night and didnt get all in just a day, & somehow your story motivates me to work harder!
    As u said…..make a choice and be happy!
    Glod bless you!
    PLz always stay in touch! :*

  • March 21, 2014


    Hey Shalini, I always appreciate the kind of effort you put in making your blog successful…It takes a lot of courage to leave a full time job and pursue your passion without neglecting your family and I have to tell you that you’re doing a great job here…love you for this 🙂 :*

  • March 27, 2014


    shalini I am so motivated with this… you are doing great already!!

  • January 3, 2015


    This is really great…Leaving your full time career and taking up blogging is a challenge in itself. One big task is convincing people around that this is actually somethng that one can do…You are doing a great job managing all your responsibilities and inspiring other girls also..